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IO~ Th~ rare Jewel of Chrifti4n Contentment"= of'e.very thi~g that ~~ves, nothing that moves,. but it move~ upon fometh1~g that 1s 1mmoveable ; as a thing 'that moves upon the earth, 1f the earth were not Aill, it coald not move. Object. The Ships move upon the Sea, and that is not {till. An{w. B:lt the Seas, they move up:>n thH \Vhich is llift andimmovable, there is nothing moves, but it bath fomething im- ' movable [hat dotb uphold it : the wheels in a Coach, they move op and down, but the axeltree that moves not up and down ; fo it is •vith the heart of man, As they fay of the Heaven, it moves up and down upon aPole that is immovable:- fo it is in the heart of man, if he will move to do fer vice to God, he mull have a !leady heart wi\hin him,that muft help him t:o move in the fervice of God, thole that have un!lcady, difquiet fpirits that have no fledfafl:netfe _at all in them, they are not fit to do fervice for God, but fuch as have ftedfaflnelfe in their fpirics, they are men and women lit to do any fervice, . and that's cbe reafon that ~vhen the Lord hath any great work for any fer-vants of his to do, ufually he doth fir!l quiet their fpi - rits, he doth bring their fpirits into a quiet fvveet frame to be contented with any thing, and the·n he fets them about imployment. The fifth excellency is th!s, Contentment, it tloth deliver Hs from 4bund.mce ~f temptation:. Ob! the ,temptations that men of difcontented fpirits are fubjeCl: to: The Devil loves to filh in troob1ed waters ; Th~t's our Proverb of men and women, thei r difpolifion is to filh in trot1bled W.ltets, they fay it is good fiiliing in troubled watl!rs, this is the maxime of the Devil, he love~ . , to filh io troubled waters, where he fees the fpirirs of men and women troubled and vex'd, there the Devil comes, (faith he) there's good filhing for me, when he fees men and women go difcontented up and down, and he can get them alone, then he comes with his temptations, (faith he) Will you fuffer fuch a thi ng? _take fuch a i11ifting indireCt way, do not you fee h01v poor you.are, others are brave, yon know not what you ilialf do ag-ainll Winter, to provide fe~vel, and get bread for yo~ and your Children) and fo he tempts thcltl to unlaV'(ful cdurfes.: . th;J