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I 11 •. meet w-ith.a Ship in three or four moneths, if he barb never a Lantborn in his Ship, nor nothing whereby be may keep a Candel-light in a florm, he ~vill be in a fad condition, he would give a great deal· to have at.anthoro, or fomething that may ferve inRead of tt. When a, florm comes in the night, and he cannot have any light come above board, but it is puft out prefently, his-condition is Y:ery fad : fo many men can have light of comfort when there is no llorm, but let there come but any aflLtl:ion, any A:orm-upon them, their light is pufc out prefently, and wbac ' lhall they .do now? when the heart is furnithed with this grace of Contentment, this grace is (as it were) the Lanthorn, and it keeps comfort in the fpirit of a man, light in the midll of a florm and tempell. When you have aLanthorn in the midll: of a llorm,you can carry a light e1ery \V here up and down the lhip, to the top of the Mall if you will, and yet keep it light; fo the €omforc of a Chrifiian when it is enlivened with r~1e grace of Contentment, it may be kept light whatever fiorms or cempells come, y(lt he can keep light in his foul. Oh !· this helps thy. -comforts exceeding much. , · Seventhly, 7 htrt is thit excellency i.n Contmtmmt, th.tt it fetcht.s i"n the comfort of tho[t things we have not ru1:/y in pof- [effion; &. perhaps many that h1ve not outward thing!, have more· comfort than thofe have that do enjoy them-themfelves: A's no1y, a man by diflilling herbs, though be hath not t.he herbs themfelves, yet having the water that is dillill'd out of them, he mJy enjoy the benefit ofthe herbs: So, though a mtn bath not the real poffeffton of fuch an outward ellate, an outward· comfcrr, yet he by the grace of Contentment may fetch.it in to himfelf. ·By the Art of Navi~ation we can fetch in the riches of the E., f1 and Wtji·ltJdies to our felves-; fo by the Art of Content:nentt we· ' may fetch io the comfort of any condition to our [elves, that •s, we may have that €Omfott by Contentment , that we .thould: have if we had the thing·it felf. Ther.e is a notable llory you· have for this in Plut.trch;in the life of PJrrhHs;one·SirJe Ill come~ to him, and would very fain have bad him defi(l from the \Vars,. and not ~var with the Romans;, faith he to him, hby it pleafe your Majefly, It is reported that the Romans are very good JJJen of War, and if it plea re tbe· gods vve do-overcome them, · what