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ll~ ~-.hat benefit (hall we have ·of thac viCtory? P;rrhus an(wered ·htm, IVe fi1all flraighc then cor.quer all the refl of lt•IJ with eMe· 1aith Simus, indeed it is likely which your Grace fpeaketh, but when we have won Italy, will then our wars end f If the oods were pleafed,faid PJrr.hru, that the viCl:ory.were atchieved~ the vva y were then broad open for U,S to attain great ConqueHs; for who would not afterwards go into ~fric~,& foto Carth.rgtfBut ( fwh Sinau) IVhen we have all m our hands, what iliall we qo in the end? then P)rrhus laughing, told him again, !Ne vvi ll . then be guier, and tal{e our eafe, and make feafl:s every day, and be as merry one with another as we can poffible; faith SimM, ' I · what.fetteth usno\v to be as quiet, and merry together, fith we ·enjoy c.hat prefently without futther travel and trouble, which we t1lontd go feek for abroad, with fuch thedding of blood, ani fomanifelt danger, cannot you fit down and be merry nmv? fo · a man may think, if I had fach a thing, then I would have another, and 1f I had that, then you woald have more, and what if you got all vou defire ? then y .m would be content, why ? you may be cot;tent now without them: Certainly, our Contentment cloth not confifl in the getting of the thing vve delire, but in Gods fa(hioning our fpirits to our 'condition, there's fome men that have not a foot of Ground of their own, yet will live better than other men that are heirs to a great deal of Land. I have known it in tne Countrey fometimes, that aman lives upon his own l,and, and yet lives very poorly; ' but you lhall have · another man that fhall farm his Land, and yet by his good huS'- bandry, and by his care, lha!Hive better fometimes than he that bath the L;wd of his·own: So a man by this Art of Contentment, may live better Without an e£late, than another man can of an .ellate : Ob ! it adds exceeding much to the comfort of a Chriflian : and that I may lhew it further, there is more comfort in the Grace of Contentment, than there is in any poffei:. lions ~vhat[oever • a man bath more comfort in being content without a thing, tiun he can have .ln the thing that he in a difcontented way cloth defire. You thmk if I bad fuch a thing, then I lhould be content.. I fay there is more good in Contentment, than ~here is in the thing that you would fain have to CLl~e your ·d1fcontent, and that