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Heaven, but the reil and quiet of a mtns fpir-it. what's the fpe- .cial thing that is in Heaven, but reil and joy,' that makes the Yife of Heaven, there'·s reil and joy, and fatiSfacbon in God: fo it's here in 'a co:1tented fpirit, there's reil and joy, and fatif· f.tCl:ion inG')d : ln Heaven, there\; finging praifes to God ; a contented heart is alwaies praifing and hlelftng God, thou ball Heaven while thou art upon Earth, when thou hall a contentea fpirit; yea, in fome regards it's better than Heaven. How is that, you will fay? there's fome kind of honour that God bath in ir,and feme excelle•!CY that he bath not in Heaven,and that's lbis : In Heaven there is no over,oming of temptations, they are not put to any trials by affi_i~ions: there in Heaven they have exercif~ of Grace, but they bave nQthing but encouragement to it, and indeed, thofe that are there, thei_r grace is perfect, and in that they do excelLlS, but there is nothing to crofs their grace, they have no trials at all to tempt them to do contrary; bLJt no1v for a 01an or woman to be in the midH of affiielions, temptations and troubles, and yet to have grace exercifed, apd yet to be fatisfied in God ana Chrill, and in the \tVord and Promifes in the midH of all they fuffer, this may feem ro be an honour that God hatb from us, that he bath not from the An- , ~els and Saints in Heaven. hit fo much for one that is in Hea1en, that bath nothing elfe but good-from God, h1th nothing to tty them, no temptations, is that fo much for them to be praifing and blefftng God, as for the poor foul that is in the ~idll of trial!' and temptations, and a1lh:1ions, and troubles f for ·this foul to go on praifing, apd bielftne, and ferving God, ( I fay) it is an excellency that thou fualt not have in Hea- 'f~n, and God /hall not have this kind of glory from thee in Hea-. ven, and therefore be contented, and prize thi$ Contentment, and be willing to live in this World as long as God fhaH pleafe, and do not think, Oh, that I were delivered from all thefe dfl,aions and troubles here in this World ! if thou wert, then thoa lhouldell have more eafe to thy felf : but here's a ft'ay ef honouring God, and manifefling the excellency of Grace here when thou art in this confliCt: of temptation that God !hall 110t have from thee in Heaven, and therefore be fatisfied and quiet,