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.!...------------------- Tb~ rart Jewtl of cbriflia,; Contentment. t If quiet, be contented with thy Contentment: I want fuch and iuch things that others have, but bldfed be GodJ I have a con .. tented heart that others have not, then I fay, be content with thy Contentment, for that's a rich portion that the Lord b.lth granted unto them, if the Lord Lhould give unto thee thoufands here in thi5 World, it would not be fucb a rich portion as this, that he hath give-n thee a contented fpirit : Oh, go a1vay, and praifc: the name of God, and ray, Lord, it's true, there and thefe c0m ~ forts dut others have, I thould be glad if I had them, but tho·a ball cut m: lhort ; but though I ~vant thefe, yet thou ha(l given me that that is as good and better, thou halt given me a gniet contented bearc, to be willing to beat ~hy difpofe, ' SE R M0 N VII. lit Stepney, Sepr. 7'• !645. PHIL. 4· II. For I hat~e le~trnul in 11h.at{oevtr flate 1 am, rhtrorith to le Co11ttnt. WE proceed noV\'; There are fome t\VO or three thingl . . more of the excellency of Contentment, and theo we are to proceed to Application of the Poinr. - The eighth Excellency is, ColuenttHent is a grut b!tjfmg of Gatl Hpon the [oH/. There is Gods blelftng upon thofe tbat are content, the blcffin~ of God is upon them and their ellates,and upon all that they have. We read in Dmt• of the bleffing of Jud~tb the prin,ipal Tribe; this is the bleffing of JHdah, A nd be [aid, heAr Lord, the voice of ]Hd11h, and bri"g him 1mto bJs people , let his btfnds be (u.fficient for . him , And be thou 11n he!J to him from his E.mmin. Let h1s hand R 1. be