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f. 116 Tht rt~re Jewel of Cbrijli4n Contentment. be fufficient for him,that is, bring in a fufficiency of all tl\e ooodiinto h1m that he may have of his own, that's the bleffint!o of Jruiah. So when God gives thee a fufficiency of thine :wn. ( as every contented man hath ) there is the bleffing of God upon thee, the bieffing of the princip-al Tribe of J11d11 h is upon thee. It is ~he Lord tha.t gives us all th':ngs to enjoy, we may have the thmg, and y~t not enjoy it e'xcept God come in 1vith . his bieffing; noN whatfoever •thou hafl, thou dofl enjoy it : Many men have eflates,and do not enjoy them, it's the bleffing of God that gives us all things to enjoy, it is God that through h1s blclfing, bath fatbioned thy heart, and made it fuitabie to thy condition. The ninth Exceiiency, Thofe th11t are content, they may expelt reward from GQd, th11t God foal/ give unto them the g•od of 11il rhofe thing1 th ,a th(y 11re contented t~ be without, and rh1s brings in abundallce of gvod to a contented fpirit; There is fuch and fuch a mercy ·that thou thinkefi would b'e very comfortable unto thee if tho:J had it it; but.canfi thou brililg thy heart to fub - mit to God in it ; thou lhdt have the bleffing of the mt:rcy one way or other; if rhou haft not the thing it felf in re, thou tl1al t have it made one way or other ; thou /halt have a Bill of exch111ge to receiYe fomewhat in lieu of ir, there is no comfor t that any foul iscontent to be without, but th~ Lord~ will give either the comfort, or fcmewhat inflead of it : Thou fhalt have a re1vard eo thy fonl for what ever good thing thou art content t () be IVithout. You know what the Scripture faith of achve obedience, and the Lord cloth accept ( of his Servants) their wi ll for the deed, though we do not do a good thing, yet if our hearts be upright, to will to do ir, we fuall hne the bleffing, though we do not do the thing : You that complain of weaknefs, you cannot do as others do, you can~ot do ~s rnnch fervice as others do, if your hearrs be upnght with God, and would fain do the fame fervice that you fee others do; you would account it a great bleffing of God upon you, the grea.. tefl bleffing in the World if you were able to do as others do ; now you may comfort your felves with this, having to de!! with God in the way of the Covenant of Grace, you fhall have from God the re~ard Qf all you woul4 do, as a wicked man . - fuill