Burroughs - HP BV4647 C7 B87 1670

119 F.rft, I /hall fet before you, Tht evil~ ~ mNrMNring [pirit, thtrl is mort tvil thAn JOU art Ar9Art of. In the fecond place, I will fhew yor~ fame aggrAv~tions of this evil, It's evil in all, buti~ fome ~ore than in others. Thirdly, I fhlll /.cboNr to tA~e away the P/t4J tb.tt Any mflr• m~tri"l difconttnttd he11rt bath for this diftemper of His. 1 here's tbefe Three things in this Ufe. of hnmiltation of the foul for the runt of this Grace of Contentment. For the firH, now at this rime. The great evil that there is in a murmuring difcontented heart. . In the firH place, This thy mHrmuring and difconN1Jtednefs, it ~trgrus mnch (Orruption tblft is i!f the fo~tl ; as Contentmeou argues much Grace, and {lrong Grace, and beautiful Grace ; Co this argues much Corruption, and flro;1g Corruptior, and very vile Corruption in thy heart. As it is in a mans body, If a mans b1dy be of that temper, that every Ccratcb of a pin makes his fle{h to rankle, and to be a fore, you will fay, furely this mans body is very corrupt, his blood and flelh is corrupt, that every fcratch of a pin lhall make,it_rankle, fo it is in thy fpirit ; if every little trouble and affii&ion thall make thee difcontented,& make thee murmur, and even caufe thy fpirit within thee to rankle; or as it is in a w0und of a man~ body, the evil of a wound,it is not fo much in the.Iargendfe of the wound, & in the abundance of blood that comes out of the wound, but in the inflammation that there is in ir, or in a fretting and corroding humor that is in the wound; an unskilful man ~vhen he comes · and fees a large wound in the .flelh, looks upon it as a dangerous wound. And when he f&es a Ereat deal of blcod guJ11 out, he thinks tbefe are the evils of it, hut when a Chimrgion comes and feesa great galh, faith he, this will be heaJ'd within a fe1v caies; but there's a lefs wound, and there's an inflammation or a fretting humor that ~fin it, and this will ·cofl time ( faith he ) to cure, fo that he cloth not lay Balfome and healing Salves upon it, but his great care is to get out the frettieg hamor or inflammation, fo that the thing that muft heal this wound, it is fome drink to purge ; But (faith the patient) ,vvbat good 1Vill this do to my wounq ? You give me fomew bat to drink, and my wound is in my arm, or in my leg, what good vviU this . ~