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122 . The Rare · e el of Chriflian Contentment~ and when difcontentment comes it grows to murmuring, and you can go into no houfe almofi , but there is mllf.muring when men are difcontent , fo that within a little while it breaks forth into Sedition or Rebellion. Murmuring it's but as the fmoke of a fire , there is firfl a fmoke and fmother before the flame break§ forth , and fo before open Rebellion in a Kingdom there is firfl a'fmoke of Murmuring, and then it breaks forrh into open Rebellion; but becaufe it hat~ Rebellion in the feeds of it, therefore it is accounted before the Lord to be Rebellion. Wilt. thou be a Rebel againft God ; When thou feelell thy heart difcontented and Mmmuring agaioft the dtfpenfations of God towards thee , tholl fhouldell check thy heart thos, Oh thou wretched heart, what wilt thou be a Rebel againll Gcd ? wilt thou rife in a way-of Rebellion againfi the infinite God? ye~ th1.1s thou ball done, charge thy heart with this fin of rebellion ,. you that are guilty of this fin of Murmuring you are thi~ day by the Lord charged as being guilty of Rebellion againA: hi~, and God expetts that when you go home you lhould humble your Souls before him for this fin , that you !hould charge your Souls for being guilty of Rebellion againfi God:many of you may fay, I never thought that I had been aRebel againft God before , 1 thought that I had many infirmities , but now I fee the Scripture fpeaks of fin in another manner than men do, the Scripture makes men (though but Mllrmurers) to be Rebels againA: God : Oh this rebellious heart that I have a.. gaioft the Lord that hath maoifelled it's felf in this way of murmuring againft the Lord. That's a Third particular in the. evil of difcontentment. . A fourth particular in the evil of Difcontentment,.lt is 11 wick.ednefJ that is exce~ding contrary to Grace, alld ,fpecial!y contra:. ry tQ th~ wor~ of God, in bringing of the Soul hcme to him(elf ; I know no diftemper more oppofite and contrary eo the Work of God in c_onvertion of a Gnner, than this is. Qgell. what's the 11ork, of God whm he brings aJinner hDme to himfe!f? • · Anfw. The ufual way is, for God to make ~he~ou\to f~e and be fenfible of the dreadful evil that there JS m~n, and the great breach that fin ha eh made between Goaa1Jd it, for cerw . - ~~