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7 he rare Jewel or 'ChrJJfian Conrentmem I 2) roaring. heart is mig~ty oppofi,te to ir', cer~alnly thou forgettefi this Covenant of tbme , and the Refignat1on of thy felf up to God • It would be amarvellous help to you, ro humble your Sools 'when you ar~ in a murmuring cond!t~on; if you could hut obtain fo much liberty of your own Spam as to Jook back to fee vvhat the work of God was in converting you, there is nothino woutd prevail more than to think of thar. I ·am now in a m~rmuringdifcontenced -way, But hmv did I feel my Soul working when God d1d turn my Soul to himfelf_? Oh how oppofite is this to that work, and how unbefeemmg? Oh what flume and ccnfnfion would come upon the Spirits of men and w.omen , if they could but compare the work of corruption in th.eir murmuring and difcontent with the work of God rhat was upon their Souls in Converfion i Now we fhould labor to keep the work of God,upon our Souls that was at o:.Jr Converfion • for Converfion muH not be only ar one infiant at firfi men are deceived in this, if the}· think their Converfion is fini~ ihed meerly at fitfi, tho~ mu!t be in a vvay of c;onv.~rlion to God :~11 the days of thy hfe , . and . therefore Chnfi f,utb to his Difciples, Except ye be convmd and become IIJ little Children : . re be convmed : Why were they not converted before? Yes, tbey were converted, but they w~re to continue the YYork of Con'l'erft.onallthe daysof tbetrhves, and what workof God · there is at the firfLConverfion, it is to abide aftel'wmis.As thu!, Always there mu~ abide fame Gght _and fence of fin, it may be not in the way vvhlCb you had , wb1ch was rather a preparation than any thing elfe ; but the fight and fence of £n it is to continue ftill, that is,you are Rill to be fenfible of the burthen of fin, _ as it· is againft the Holinefs and Goodnefs _and Mercy '()f God unto thee, and the fight ?f the Excellenc1e.of Jerus Chrifhs to continue, and thy Callmg out of the Creature, and the Cafl.. ingthy Soul upon ChriH as a King, fiill receive him day by day. and the Subduing of t~y heart ; and the. Surrendring of thy . felf up to God in the way of Covenant ; now if this were but daily continued , there would be no fpace n0r _timeJor Murmuring to wotk upon thy hem. . That's the . Fourth Parti- . cular. . T.he Fifth thing is the evil of \pircontentment, MHrm11ring t#IJ~ . _". I