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- x-2~ --- The .Rare-Jtwil of .chrij[iaii Contenfrri~m. . and dl{ccntrnrme-nr ·zs ·. excee-ding -belm -a-Cbrifiit~~n; .Oh ! it is too mean and bafe a difiemper for a Chri!lian to give place to ir. Now it's below a Chriftian in many refpeets. I. How below the relation of a Chriflian? · The relation to w hic_b thou Handefi: With what relation ( you wiN fay ? ) Fufl:, The relation thou llandefl: in toGod : DoH cot thou call God thy Father ? and dolt not thou Hand in relation to him as a Child ? What, thou murmurer ! In 2 Sam. I 3. 4- it is a gpeech of Jon~tdab to Arrm9n, why art thou, btiHg ~he Kings S_on, lean from r/ay tO day, >Pift tbOH not te/t me ? and fo he told h1m ; ( but that was for a wicked caufe ) he perceived that his Spirit was troabled,for otherwife he was of a fat and plmnp temper of body,but becaufe of trouble of fpirit be was even pin'd a· way, why, what's the matter' ? thou that fiandefi in this rel:ttion t(~ the Kwg, and yet any thing !hould trouble thy heart, ( that's h1s meaning) is ehere any thing that !hould dtfquiet thy heart and yet flandeft in fuch a relation to the King, the King's Son ? So I may fay to a ChriHian , Art thol:l the Kings Son, the Son, the Da:tgbter of the King of Heaven, and yet [o di:-guieted and tr?uhled , and vext at every little thing that falls out ? as if a .Kmgs_Son fuould cry out, he is undone for Ioiiog a oable, what an unworthy thing were this? So dofi thou , thou crieft out as if thou lVert undone , and yet aKings Son , thou that fiandefi in fucb relation to God, as unto a Father , thou doefi difi1onor thy Father in this ; as if fo be either he had ~ot wifdom , m· not po1ver , or not mercy enough t<> provi8e for thee. 2. Tht relat1on that th~u· (l.zndefl in to 'J~fus Chrifi, thou art .the SpoHfe of Chrift: 'rVhat! one married to Jefus Chrifi>and yet troubled and d1fcontented. Haft thou nor enough in him .? doth not Chrifl fay to his Sp.:mfe, as Elk,an11b faid to Hannah, ,( I Sa m. I. 8.) Am not I better to theethtm tm Sons? So cloth · not ·chrill tby Husband fay to thee, Am not I betterto thee than thGufandsofriches and comforts?fuch comforts as thou murmur- ..ell for want of ; bath not God given thee his Son ? and will he not with him gtve thee all thin~s ~ bath the lo.ye of God been to thee to give thee his Son in way of Marriage ? 'Vvhy art thou difcontented ar.d murmuring~ confider thy relation t9 Jefus Chrill · as l i..'l