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The l:.are Jewel of ·cbriftian Contentment~· Ii7 astho'"tfart a Spoufe ~nd married to him, his Perfon is thine; a no fo all the riches of J efus Chri£l: are thine ; as the riches of a Husband are tbe wives., . and. though there are fo~e Husbands fo vile as the wives may be forced to fue for maintenanc~ ; certain- .Jy Jefus Chrifl will never deny maintenance to his Spoufe : it's a d1lhonor for a Husband to have his Wife go whining up and down ; what, thou art maH.hed with Chrift and art h1s Spoufe, and wilt thou murmur nmv and be difc:ontented in thy Spirit 1 You tball obferve among thofe that are newly matched , ~vhen there is difcontent between the Wife and the H11sband , their friends will lhake their heads and fay-, they do not tneet with that that they did expe6t1ye fee ever fince they were married together, hovv the man looks, and the woman looks, they are not fo cheery as they were wont be" furely (fay they) .it is like to prove an ill match. But it's oor fo here, it !hall not be fo between thee and Chrill: Oh, Jefus Chrift cloth not love to fee his Spoufe to have a lovvring countenance : no man loves to fee difcontentment in the face of his Wife, furely Chrill doth not leve to fee difcontentment in the face of his Spoufe• . 3· Thou f/ qndeft in relation to Chrift not only as a Spoufe but as a &fembtr, Tholi art bone of his 6on& 11nd ft4h of his Jlefh; and to have a Member of Jefus Chri61: to be in fLlcb a cond1tion, it's exceeding unworthy. · · 4· He is thy ,Eider Brother likmife,and fo thou art ~ Co-heir with him. , . ). The Relation that thouftandeft in to 'the Spirit of God, Thou art the Temple of the Holy Ghofi, the Holy Gpofi is thy Comforter , it is he that is appointed to convey aH comfort from the Father and the Son, to tbe Souls of his people. And art thou the Temple of the Holy Gholl, and cl oth he d1vell in thee, and yet for all that thou murmurell for every little matter ? , . 6. The Re!atim th t~~ t thou Standeft in to the Angels , thou art made om body with them : for fo C~rill bath joyned principali~ ties and powers with his Church , they are Minifiring Spirits fOr good to his people,to fupply \'Vhat they need, and thou, and they are joyned together, and Chrifi is the head of you and Angels. 7• The Relation thAt you St~nd in to the SAints,yo~e 11reof thl farm body with them, they and you make up but one myftical body 'Yith. · '