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The. Rare JeR>el rl/ 'ch;ifti~n Contentn1enr. .. 121 , end th~t G~d: '_ inigh~ :na;ifefi. ~o ati e~~r.ity . what h'is infinite p·ower is able to do to make the Creature hap~y ; art _ th~~ in fuch a COI)dition ? Ob ! ' how low and oer:Jeath tthis conqlt10~1 is a n;urmu'ring and d-iJcontented beut for v,~ant o( rome· o~t-: Watd comforts hefe in this. world, ; How unfeemingly is. it that thou fhou!d-efi Oe a flave tO every'crofs,that every affi!CtiOil {hall be able to fay to thy Soul, 'Bow down to us : We accounted that i great flavery, when men iliould fay to our-Souls , Bow down: As the cruel Papiftswere vvont -to do .\n impoftng things upon mens c.onfciences, they did in effeCt: fay, Let your confciences, your Souls bow down to ~s, that r·ie may· tread upon1 them : that is the greateft flavery m the world , that one man tbould lay to another , Jet your confciences, your Souls bow do1vn ·that ~vc; may tread upon th~m ; but wilt thou [uft.:!~ every amidion tO .fay, Bow dGwn that\ye may head upon thee. ? Tr.uly , _it's -ft>;' . when thy ·qearc is ov~rcorne l~lith r.nurmurt~g ~nd d~fco,nte))~: Knmv that thofe afih~hons wh1ch have caufe'li·thee to rb·dtmur, _ have fai.d t? thee, Bow down th.at we may tr_e:~ ·u_pon the~; nay; _hot affhtbons,but the very dev1l doth prc:ntl aga1nfi you 10 thts: Oh! how beneath is this io the happy eltatdhat God bath ~aifed aCbriAian unto! What.' 'the 5'on ol aKing, 'iliHI he have- every bafe fellow to come and bidihirn bow 9mvn· that he may ... treacl upon his neck ? -. thus doetHhou ' in 'every ·affiidion :' tbe- ~f:Flittion, the crofs, and trouhle that doth befal thee,faith,Bow down _thlt we may come_and·tread upqn.thee. ' . . Th.: rdl~, .~11r;~~r~ng it's ~ti~'W; rh-e f!J~it of: A 'Chrifti~n, Below hts Sptnt, t_he'fptnt of every-)Chrifi1an 'lhould .l?'el1ke tbe fpirit of hii fith~r;every fatheddh!s to1fee his fptrit in fiis chilp,_ loves to fee hii I-mage·, ,not 6is Image of nis body only, to fay, here's a child for all the World like the 'father, but he.hath the fpirit o( his.f~t~ert~o_ : _. a father that is a man of fP.!r_it Lbves' to fee his fpmt tf1 h1s chtfd, rat6er than the feafure ofhfs Body: Oh_th'e _l:ord di!t)s·ourt- ~~tHe~'· ~o'!e~ ro;ree his fpidt in-us: Great m~n love to fee gr,eat Spmt! 'i'n tf}e,t thitdreri .: and the ~reat God loves to fee a gre~t ,Spitit in his .children ; we are_ on~ Spirit,\Yitb God -, and with Cb}'ifi, ar1d on~ Spirit with tne· Holy Gfloll; therefore we lhould have a Spirit that might mani-· f~!l .thc Glory of the Father, Son, and Holy Gholl in our fpi- , \. · · T rits ; . .-