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f ·30' 1'bt l'4re ·Jt:Jtf of ~hrJflian Con~entmeru •. rit ;, t_bat's the Spirjt o~ aChrilliip. indeed. Tbe , ~pira of a Cbulhan lho.uld.be aLlon-lJke Spmt, .as Jefus Ch~iH is.tbe .Liotl of .~h~ Tnbe of 1,J.. h ( fo h_e ·1$ c~Il~d ), fo we tqould mani· feH[ome7.hat:of t~e ~ior.:li~e Spirit of ]4u~ Cbr~H ;_ ·h~ m~~ · n.Jfefl;ed !its t ,\on-ltke: Spt~lt m·pal'ft.ng l~rough _ ~ll affhCl:.i9Jls and troubles whatfoev_er , wtthout any murmuring againfi GoP.. ~hen he came to dtink that bittet Cup , and even the dregs of 1t, he prar.ed to God (indeed ) that if it I'Vere poffible it mtght pafsfrom hHn, but ,pte(entl y , _Not my ;wilL, bm thy rpiJL Lt do n~ =· As_ foon n ever be did mention the pafling of the Cup . from hini , ( cb ough it we r.e the moll dreadful Cup that ever was drunk. fince the world began,) yet~auheJn_entioning of it, not my •llill, btJt thy 'If-iLL b( done ; h~re Chr-i_fi fhewed a Lion-like Spir~t. ' ·_in going, .throug~ all kin9 ~f ~fih:tions whatfoever "'i~h- _ ou~ ~ n.y .murm tH~il.g agatntt .~Id m trem : Now: a murmurmg .. Sp~rJt . ts a9afe deJ~&e.d Sptrft, crofs and contrary to the .Spirit of a Chrifiian;. aad it's very bafe. I r~member that the Heathens account · it very bafe, P!Nt.trch cloth report of a certain people that dtd uCe eo manifefl: their difdain to men that were over-mu~.h dej~ed by'any affiichop , theyqid condemn thenr ~!Hnis punilllm.e,LJ,c,. To weu ~omens . cloaths all tb~i·rda-ys, o~ fqch a fp4ce· of time at le~fi , tA\o,yr lhouHgo· iQ ,wom~ns doaths; in:tQkeu. of !J{~m~ a'nd' difgraci fO them ; becau[e they had fnc:i eff-=minate 'fpirits , they tpotight it again(l · a m.anl1ke fp iri t, and therefOTe feei'ri~ .they did · uq·m~n th~mJe~ves th~.Y l_ho~ld gG li~e -w,omet;.. ; ,NJW, !P.~ll they .~Fc~unt. iuo ~P .. ptanJike fpirlt.r t8 ;9.eRre~;:-ffi~rJl ; d.eJ~C!.ed_ ) n 1affi~~P> : _ansl -fu,aH , not a Chp~iao acp?un,t 1t ~-r: . u ; c.h~•(hanhkc fpmt t.o be ove,r- · JfrJch dejeCted by any- affl iCtion wqa.tfoever ? l rememb.er.ano· t.b~r compues mtlrmu~ing fpi,its '· ~o . Ch.ildren. '!'hen they ar e weaning, What a deil ofR4 ,b;ve you w~tb _you; cbild~en vvhen - JOU w.ean the!;ll: ! how fto:v·ard ~~d vexing.¥.~ they ,; So_ w he~ , God would "~an !h~e f~~m fo_~e: . outw~r:d .cqmfo.tt' ~~ - ~hrs· world ·, Oh. how; frcttiJ!~, ·an~ ~rfCo~te~ ar.t t~u,; ! ~ Gb1ldren _ "ill m>t n~ep_ th.cmfelves,not let then Moth~rs Lleep whc,n theJ ' are. fteaning • tnq fo vvhen 9od . would wean us from the . world , . 'od w'-eJret, . vex, .and ~ur..111~r , thj:s iJ acbildilh fpi.. ~t. . ,· t ' .. " ' ' , • ..: .... -·: