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.I 3 2 T]!~· ·Rar! :g:c._wel of ~hrifl(an. Contentment; again&die Gofpel -~ and againfi the Grace-of Faith. - · ·"' · The_:eis yet an~be_r thing, I t,'s beloiV ~he hopes oi _ChriHians: Oh/}~le ·~~£1. g~orwus th.~ngs}hat the S,a1~t~ ~ope for. ,. . . ..\n~ agam,q ~hF, ~elp.J ·tha~ Chriftians ~.~ve. , Cflcifbtan~ ~av:e great helps that may help them again,a mu~mur~ng. i . . , And it "is againfl that which . Goa expe'as from thri(lians. God ex peas other ma~~ner of things from them than this. · · Yea, and it is,below that chat God bath from other· Chritlians. ,Thefe things I Gull open at another time. , . i:L ,• SE R.M0 N VIII. lit Stepney. Sept.z I. 1645. " pH I L' 4· I I ~ For I h11ve lt<trm.d in r~hatfoev(r foa:e I ~m, therewith r~ be content. 1 Men~ioned divers thing! the laA: day ·to fee out the evil r£ . dif,ontent; I lhall name Two or Three more. · Sixtbly, It Is belo9f aChrifrian in -this , B ccau{e it's LelolP _ tbtJ[( h~lfs thAt A Chriftian hath more than othtrs haw ;- they bJvc the Promifes to help them that others have not ; it's not fo much to have a NAbal have his heart link' becaufe he bath nothing butthe Creacur~ to uph~ld hjm , but it's much _for _a Chrifrian that hath Prom1fes and Ordmances [0 uphold his fp1- · rir, ;vbich others luve not. Seventhly, It's btlor~ tbt exptflAtion tb.tt GoJ bath of Chri.. fliam, for God expeCts not only t~lt they thov.!d , be ~atient iri affii€hons, bltt that they thould reJoyce and tnumph m them : ll~YY