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- __ _ ,-::.._ ___ _:,_. . _~---· ~l'he R~ri· Jernl of Cbtij1iaii ~((e_ntmef'tr~ 1ji ~y-;1~> !eio'IJ rht ~rof~J!ion Pf .• qh~i~i~~· Tbept?~. feffion of a Chulhan , what s that ? A Chnlh.ans profdlion tr, To be de~d t() the wor'ld, -~rdto be.alive.to G·od_rnat's n!s profeffion to'hiv.e bis'li(e' -tci-be:hid ~hh Cbnfl i ~ udd·,' to facisfie himfelf in ;God' J 'Whai :, is- this thy pro~eift~ n f and yM ·if tbou'hall not every 'thiog that thou .vouldell have (0 murmur and cc difcontent , thou doft ~n that even deny thy profe~fton. Fiftbly, It is £elow -t~at fpftilll Gru~ Pf 'F airb'. P&ith inh.tt thlt dotb ~wercome the world, it is that that makes all the Promires of God to be ours : New when thou tookeH upon thee the p~ofeffion of Religion, Did God ever promiJe thee that tholl thouldellli ve at eafe , and quiet , and haVe r:o crou6le ! I remember St.AttJfin· hath fuch.an expreffi~o, Wb.t:t is'thi5 (by faith:' Whatdid I ever proqiife the~(Caith he) th~t thou fboulde.ll ever flouriCh in the worlri ' -: '· Art thou a thriHian to that ·end t 2r:d i \ tbis thy faith t I never made any fuch promife to cbee wh -: 11 thou tookett upon thee to be a Chriftim:Oh, it's mighty ~on ­ trary to thy profelfto~. , thou hall never a promifc for this, thlt thou lhouldeH not (laYe fuch tn affliCtion upon thee : And a Chriflian thould li.ve by his faith ; it is faid, th.H the JuH doth Jive by Faith : nmv thou thouldefl: not look after any other lite but the life that thou hall by faith ; no~v thou halt no ground for thy Fc~irb, to beleeve that thou lhouldll be delivered out of fuch an affliCtion rand then, why lhouldeH rhou ac~ount it fuch a great evil to be under fuch an_ atfliction-:J Certainly that gocd that we have in the 8round for out faith , it is enotigh tt> coJ;~­ tent our hearts here and to all eternity : 'A CbriHian lhoold be fatisfi~d with that that God bath m~de to be the objeCt of . his faith , the object of his faith is high enough to fatisfie his Soul, were it capable of a thoufand times more th<tn it is: No ,y • if thou mayell have the objeCt of thy faith full, thou hall e-:- nougb to content thy Soul : and know thanvben thou art dif... contented .for want of fach a-nd fucb comforts; if thou wouldefl but thmk thus , Gcd d1.d never prcmife me that I lhould bave there comforts, and at this time, and in fuch a way as I would h~ve ,, bur'I am difcontented be:caufe I have not thefe which ~od did never yet piomife me, and therefore I £in much , T ~ a.g1infi