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·:~J4 1},; 1t.:4rt jt,¥Ptl of c.briftian Contentment. ObitEl. But 1 do · not kno~ if I lhould die -what lhould &e- .come of my Children:·Or if I have bread now 1 know not where lll~all have it the next week, or where I (hall haT.e provifion for: -the winter. · . d11{~. Where·did-Cbrifi teach usto pray, Lord give uspro- .. ~fion for fo .long a time ! No, but if \Ye hue bread for this cby Chr.ift would have us conte,nt : Therefore when we mur.. mur: beca1;1[e we have not [o much variety lS others !uve, we do .( a! It were ) forget our Pattr- n~fltr; It's againfl our prayer~, we do not in our lives hold forth the acknow-ledgment of the Sovereignty of God over us as we feem to acknmvledg in our prayers; therefore when at any rime you find yout hearts murmuring,. theil do but refle& upon your felves and think rhu~, h this according to my prayers , wherein I helct forth the Sovereign Power and Authority that God bath over me? · The feventh thing that I add for the evil of difcontentment, -is, The r~~ofu/ ,JftCfs t/u;t mJm to 4 difr:rnt~1Jttd km.from mNr-: ,wuri!Jg. I'll name you five; There are fiv~ evtls effeCts that come from a mllrmuring fpirir. t. By rmmnuring and difcontmt in your hurts, jou com1 tl ./ofe 11 gredt deal of time; Ho1Y many times do men and \V omen when they are difcontenred Jet their thoughts run , and are mufing and contriving through their prefent difcontentednefs; theu - Jet their difcontenred thoughts be working in them, for fome hours together , and they fpend their time in vain. When you ~re alone yon lhou!d fpend your time in holy me-ditation , but you are fpending rour time in difcontented thoughts ; you who .complain that you cannot meditate' you cannot think on good things, but if you begin to think of them a little, preferttly your thoughu are off from them, but if you be difconrented w1th any thing, then you can go alone, and mufe, and roll thin!S up and .clown in your thoughts to feed a dif~ontented humor : Oh tabor to fe.e this evil effeCt of murmuring, the lofing of your cime. 2. lt doth Nnfit If "'"" for dHty : Aman or woman that is in ~ contented frame, you may turn fuch an one to any thing at any time, ·l'!e is fit for to go to God at any time ; but when one is in aQifconteoted condition , than a man or wom~n is exceeding unr