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TbtRart J~,tl D/ Chriftian Contentment~ 1-1 ~ untie for the fettice of God. And it eau res many d1Hrattions in duty, it unties for dnty , _ and ,when you come to perforll\ duties, Oh the.diftra&ions that ate in your duties, when yourSpirits ne difcontented ; when you hear of any ill neYVs from Seaand · can'not he~r it, or of any ill from a friend , or any lofs or crofs, Oh what' dtflraetions do they eau re in the pe•- formance of holy duti~s- ! When you lhould be in enjoying communion V¥irh God,. you ate difl:ratt:d in your th~nghts about ' th·e crofs- that hath befallen you, YVhereas had y ... u btlt a t!uiet fpirir, though there ihDuld great crofi'es befa! yo:1 , yec they would· nevet hinder you in the performance of any d ~ t ­ ty. 3· CMjider ,h4t wk~ed rijings of ht~trt, aNd rt[o!utions of fpirit there 4re m.tny th1111 in a di(cmtented fit .In ftme dlfconrented fits the heart rifes againfi God , and againfi others, and fometimes bath even defperate refolutions what to dv ~o help themfelves. lf the Lord fi1ould have futf.!red you to have done, . (fo:netimes in a difcontented fit ) w b1t you had thougbt to do, wvh&t wonrierful mifery h1d you brought up m yo ~u fehes : Oh i.t ~as. amercy of Ged·cbat did flop you·., had not G Jd Hopt you , but-let you·go on when you thought eo help yo:.H f~ lv~s tbis w1y and the ~ther 'If ay, Oh it had been ill wi ~b you, d:> you bJt r.:• member thofe.rifings:of heart anctwicked ref'olutio:1s thH fc'm ~..­ rimes you have had in adifcontented mood,tnd le~m to be h~ltn ­ bJed ttpon that. • ' ·4•· :!tnthllnlz(ulnt[s, tbtu'J tin evil And. A '1/iic]z~J ejfeft tb.tt tswufrqm; tlifcont~nt. Unthankfulnefs the Scripture dotli an~ . among very great fins. For men and women thlt are difcontent, though-they in joy many mercies from God , ,yet 'they are thankful for none of them, for this is the vile nature of dif- :contentment, to Jeffen every mercy of God_, to inake thofe ,mercies they have from God to be as noth-ing to them, becaufe they have not what they would hav-e. Son'lecimes it's fo even ?n f~iritual taings, if they ,have· not· all they would h1ve , the ., 100mrorts thlt thev would have , then what they hav;: is nothing . ~o them, do yo;~ think that God will take · this well ·? If you ·~ould ~ive a friend·, a Kinftnan , a Purfe of money to go and; 'tradewmbaJ,. and b:Jhould come af.ld fay., . '\Vhu d·.> you giv: me??