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I 3 6 7 be Rare Jtwel of chrifliafi Contet}til)ent. me· ? they are but a feW COUnters,they Will do tne rlCI-good: you ca-nnot bear this at his hand if he lhould do fo , becaufe he bath not fo mll'ch mon~y as be would : So f<>r you tob~ ready. to fay, All that God bath given me is nothing}VGrth, will do me no good , they are but counter.s ; though . they ar.e precious Graces of God's Spirit thlt are more worth than thoufands ~f ~orlds , yet.for you to fay , they are nothing, they are but common gifts, and all is but in bypocrifie , ali counterfeit, Oh 1 what an untbankful thing is this! the Graces of Gods Spirit are nothing to a difcontented heart , that hath not all that it would have ; an·d fo f(}f outward b!e{lings, though God hath given you health of Body, and flrength , and hach given youiome competencie for yuur famiLy , rome way of llv.elihood, yet becaufe you are difappointed in fQmewhat that you would have therefore all is nothing unto you ; Oh ! ~hat unth~nkfulnefs is here?Go:i expeCts that every day you ~quid fpen~ fome time in bleffing his Name fot what mercy be hath(granted . -uo-to . ~ou, there's ·not any or.1e of you 1vho are in the loweft condition , but. you have abundance of mercies to blefs God .for, but difcontentednefs makes them nothing.. It's an excellent fpe~<;h t-~at I remember Lntber hJtb , ( ftith he) This is the Rhetodck Qf the Spirit of God , ( it's a very fine fpeecb Qf h.is ) to extenu~~e. evil things, .and to amplifie good things ; if there f~lls ~u~ a crofs, to make tbe crofs to be but little , _but. if, t~ere be a metq to make the mercy (0 be: great ; as thus, if there be a crofs~~f th.~ Spirit of God pr~vails in thy heart, fucb a mm:or woman w-ill wonder that it is no greater, and will ble.fs,'God, that though there be fuch a crofs, yet that it is no more fthat's .the ~ork of the Spirit of God : and if there be ametcy, wonde·rs at God's goodnefs chat God .granted fo great a merq : Tbe Spirit .of God extenuates evils and cro{fes , and cloth magnjfie and a !lip! ifie all mercies, and m3kes all mer_cies· f~-em to be ~re at and ~ll ailliaions feem to be little. . Bvt(faftb he) the Devtl goes qtutl! contrary, the Rhetorick of the Devil is quite ,otherwife,l:e dotq ldfen Gods mercies, and amplifi~ evil things, as thus, A. ·godly man wonder~ at his crofs .that it is no more, a wicke-d man wonders _his cr~fs is fo much, Oh (faith he ) none was eve~: fo affiiC\eq as I .alll! If.therc be ac_rofs J · ~he Devil puts the fo4l . . ~~