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~----------------------------~--- ~ ~ The rare Jewel of chrif!ian Conremmcnr. eats out the blefliog of the mercy, and then perhaps God giYes it you, bur gives it you ~vith a curfe mixed with it, th4t you wer>! better not have it, .than have ir. That man or woman that is difcontented for want of forne good thing, if God doth give that good thing to them before rhey be bumbled for their difconteot that did proceed from them, fuch a mao or woman can have no comfort of the mercy, but it will be rather an evil than a gcod ta "them : and therefore for my part if I fhoutd. nave a friend or 'hrother,oronethatwereasdear tome asmyown foul, tha.t I jh0uld ree difconti!nted for the wantoffuch a ccmforr, I t11ould ..rather pray, Lord keep tbi~ thing from them, till thou wilt be pleafed to humble their hearts for their difcontenr, let r.ot them nave the mercy till they c0me to.be humbled for their difcon·ent for the wart of it, for if they have it before that time they will have it without any bleffing: And therefore it t11ould be 'yom: care when you find your beam difcontented for want of. any thing, to be humbled for it:tbinking thus with your [elves, Lcrd, if that that I cio fo immoderately de!ire lhould come to me before I be humbled for my difcontent far wane of it,I am ceuain I can have no comfo~t of it, but I JJ1all rather have it as an :~ffJi&ion to me. Many things which you defire as yout lives, and think that you iliould be happy if you bad t~em,. yef when they eo come they find not fuch happinefs in them, btlt they prove to be the greatefl c~c!ies and affiitlions to you that ever you had, and upon.this ground, becaufe yoar hear~s were immoderately · fet upon them before you had them. As ~t was with Rac hel , {.be mull hav~ children or elfe !'he died, weH faith God feeit1g you mull, you iliaJl have them, buttbough the had a child ibe died according to what (he faid, Gi'CJt r.»e- children or. e/fe I die. So in reg.ud ofany.other outward comforts, people may have the thing bur often-times they have it fo as it pr@ves the heavie!l crofs to them that ever they had in all their lives, fuch a child as you were difcontent for the want of it, it may. be it was lick, and yout hearts were cut of temper for fear that you thould Jofe it,ar.d God re!lores it, but he rdlore.s it fo aa he makes it :t crofs to your hearts all tbe daies of your lives. One ~bferves cencern.ing Mttn.nJ, wh~n the people were conten- · ted