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contented with their allowan-c.e that God aficwed -tnein, then it was very good, bur when they would not be content witb Gods allmvance, but would gather more than God would have them ; then (faith the text) there was worrpes in it : So when wee are content with our conditions, and that which God· difpo!es of us to be in, tbere·s a.bteffing in it, then its fweet to u·s, but if we muA: needs have ~ore, and keep it longer thm God would have us to have it, then there will be worms 1n ir,and no good at all. 5. Th~re's a !/flit Jea/ fJj jfJ!IJ in difcMtentedmft, for it ma~IJ 011r Ajf/Wians te grut deal »m{e than ctherwife it ~ot~lcl be? it no way re oves our afflictions, nay, while they do conti .. nue they are a great deal ·the worfe and heavier, for a difconten ~ ted heart is a proud heart, ano a proud h~art will not poll down his fails when there comes a tempen and fiorm : If a Marriner when a tempefi and A:orm comes tbould be frow.ud and would t10t pal down his fail~, but is difcontented rVith the norm, is his condition the better becaufe he is difcontented and will not pul doi'Vn his fails ? Will this help him ? JuA: fo it is for all the world ,with a di[contented heart, a d1fcontented hem is a proud h'~art, and he out of his pride is troubled with bis affiitl:i - thon, and is not contented with Gods difpofe, and fo he will not pull down his fpirit at all, and make it bo1v to God in this condition in which God bath brought him ;. now is his ~ondition the.betrer becaufe be will not pull down his fpirit? ~o_ certainly abundantly worfe,a thcufand to one but t.he te;nP~ and fiorm ovenvbelms his tout. And thLlS yo:.1 fee what a great deal of folly there is in the !in of difcontentment. ihe Ninth evii of murmuring & difcontentment is thiS',7 hert iJ A migkty de.1/ of d~tlfger in the fin of ~i(content,ment, for it e:'(- urdingly provo ~eth the wrlllh of Ged; n's a fin . that doth much provo~e Gcd ag:tinfi his ereatore; we find mofl fad ·expreffions ' fn Swpture (and .examples too) how God hath been provoked again!l many for their difcontent; in Numb. 1 4· you have a r.otable texr, and one would think that thlt \Ve.re enough for e'let to.