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1 be r.rt.Jtwel or ChrijtitJII : Come.ntment I 3 5 tented mu~muring fir of yours may cofi you your lives. You · (>!e bow it provO'kes God, there is more ev1L in it tban you·are a1vare of, . it may colt you your li\les, aflcl tberef~re ~GJck. io your felve~, and le.am to be humbled a-t the .verY. begmmngs of rucll di!lempers in the heart.. So in P/al. 106; 24. 2 5. ru, they de/pi{ld the plea{llnt L4nd theJ believed · not his '!¥Ord; buer»Nrmrmd ;, their tents, and he11rk_ned not unt? the VIJ-ke of tht Lord ; therefore he lifted NP bis hand.a:gai.u/}. them to GVerthr0 ), ~ thon in the wildernefs·. Here are d1vcrs thmgs obfe[vable in this Scripture. Firfl, That whicHwe fpoke to before,How a murmuring heart cloth flight Gods mercies,f? it is bere,,r hey de(pi[td the plu(nnt L4nd: and tbata·murmunng ~eart JS contrary to faith, theJ beliwd not his rJOrd, bnt ( fa1th the text'} tl:uy murtmtred in their tents and heark~eJ. mt rmtq.the voice of the Lord. Many men and women will hearken to the voice of their ovvn bafe murmuring bearts,that l"'ill not hearken to the voice of the Lord· if you would hearken to the·voice of the Lord there IVculd nC:r be ruch murmuring as there is : but mark whH follo\Vs upon it,. you may not think to pleafe your felves in ycur murmuring dtf- ' €Ontentednefs, and rhink that no evil !hall come of it; 7 h!ref6rc he lifted up his h,uul againft them to overthror:p thon : you due are difcontenred, you Mt up yonr hearts a~~infl Gud, and yoJ caufe God to lift up hi~ hand·againfi you : perhaps Gcd }aies hisfingerupon.you fofdy in fome afth9:ions that are upon you in your families or elfefYhere, and yon cannot bear the hand of God that Iiesupon you u rendetly as a tender~hearted Nurfe· ' that laies her hand upon the child, you cannot b:!ar the render hand of God t.bat lie~ upon you ~n a ldfC: affHtion ; it were juft wit.h<:Jod to hft up h1s ha~d ag1!~fi you m • ar~other man ne;, of 2ffiuShon; Oh amurmunng fpJIJt provokes God eueedingly. There is another place in x6. Numb. Compare the 41. verf,& the .of6· verfe together, Bttt on the morrew 11/J the· C'qngreg.rtiQn 8f tht Children of IfrMI f'IINrmured· ~tg.tin{f Mof!!S nnd ~tg4inft Aaron {aying,.re hAve kiOul t!u peoplt of tbt totd: an<t mark m the 46. verf, A·n4 Mofe& f•itl unto Aaron, Tll~t" Cen{tr and, p11t fire tht.rein fm• Djf t-ht· .AIIur aml p"~t M imn[t) 1111J go tjJiiCkj)'