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1.44 The rare Je~(i of Chriilia11 ~ Contcnuneln. becaufe . t¥e have not all we would have,this is a greater evil. I only mei:ntiqned this the-hfi clay,that) rpight lhew to you vvhat a great fin it is at fuch a time as this, ·, The Lord this _Summer hub mnltiplied mercyes one ,.p<:m anothe, the Lord hath made this Summer to be a continual miracle of mercy ; never did a Kingdome enjoy in fo little fpace of time fuch mercies one upon another : Now the publick mercies of God iliould quiet our hearts &keep us from difcaHtent;& the fin ofdifcontent;for private afflictions is exceedingly aggravated byithe confideration of publick mercies to the la nd,o,yhen the Lord bath be~n fo mercifal to the land, wile thou be fretting & murmuring,becal.lfe thou hall not,' ill thy family all the corn forts that thou )'Yould'fi havc?as it is a great aggravation of a mans evil of him to rejoyce immoderately in bis own private comforts when theChurch is in affiichon,wheo the publick fuffers grie-rous& hard troubles, if any man thall then rejoyce &'give: libe'rry to himfelf:at that time to fatisfie his flefu to the uttermofr in all outward comforts, this is a great aggravation of hi! fin;So on the contrary for any man to be Jmm~derately. troubled for any private affiH~l:ions when it goes well with the publick,vyith theChurches1this is a great aggravation of his fin:It may be when the Church ofGod was lowefl, and it went worfe withot her parts, yet thou didfl abate nothing of the comfort ~)[ thy flelh, but gavefi full liberty to fatisfie.thy flef.h as formerly, know this was thy great fin,fo on the other fide vvhen we have ' received fuch mercies _in publick,.vve fl1ould have all our private affiicrions fwa:Ilo1ved up in the pi1blick mercies,& we iliould think with our felves, though we be afflicted for our parricular, yet (bldfed be God) it goe~ well with the Church, and with the pnblick ? the confiderat10n of that fuouid mightily quiet our hearts in all our private di[contents, anra if ic cloth n6t fo, know that our fin is much encreated by the mercies of God that areabroa·d, Now lhall Gods mercies aggravaceour fins? This - is a fad rhino this is to turne the: mercies of God to be our mifery~' Did'fi net thou pr3y t0 God fot thefe mercies that G0d hath fent of late to the pub1ick, Is not there enough in tbem to quiet thy heart for fome priva_te tr~uble thou ·meetefi WithaUin thy famtly? Is not there goodnefs