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'The rare Jewd Of Chriftian Contentmenr. Is 1 cy .ro you; God is very jealous of the glory of his mercy, and if there lhouldbe an ill ufe made of the mercy ofGod -after ~,·e enjoy it,Oh it would go to the heart of God; nothing is rn·ore grievous to the heart of God than the :~bufe ofmercy: Oh thi§ is a great aggravation of fin, to fin againfl the mercJes of God: But fo( th.JsAggravario.n, we llull fpeak to,God willing., the next day. SE RM0 N IX~ .At Srepney, Sfpt, 21,1645, . PH IL,4, li, For I havt learmd in whatforoer fiate I ~m, therewith to /;~ contmt. 0 W becaufe it is very hard to workupon a mar- _- mu~]ng fpirit, there are divers Aggravations I tolq you we are to confider of for the further fet)ing out of the greatnefs of this fin; I men- "'7><0<'""""' /' ··~··ed but only one the lafl day nol'¥ we ihall · proceed to thar. _ The firfi Aggravation of the fin of difcontent and murmuring is this, For mm and ')llonm to z,e difconttnt in the midft of mcr- &ieJ; in enjoyment ef abundance of wm:ies. To be difconteflt in any affiieted conditi6n, is linful and evil, bu·t to be difcontent - when we are in the 'midft of Gods mercies, when vve are not able to count the mercies of God, yet after to be difcontent becauf~