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I 56 '1 bt r~re JfWtl ~r CbrijtiRI Contemmnt ~ iri Sol1won and therefore when Dnid cried our. Oh At{4io, my Sin, my Sm; if D11vjt{, had thought upon So/om~n, and cryed, Oh Solomon my fon, my foo, 1t would have. ~uietted him. And .it may be God bath been merc1full ro thee in a wife, or ifl thy Husband, fet that againfl: rhy afllchen, it may be God cro!fes thee in thine Ellate,buc it may be he doth imploy thee in his .Service, it may be thou art affi1tl:ed in forne of thy Friends, but thou haft other Friends that are greater mercies to thee, and therefore you fuoold fee one aganitt the other, and it d.oth concern you fo to do, for tbofe mercies will be 'aggravations of your fins, and you had berter make Gcd·s merc1esa. means to lefi'en your fi ;JS than to be the agguvation of your fins : If yo tl make not the mercies of God to help you againll your mur.m uring, you will m.tke them to be aggravations of the fin of murmuring. . I ~e[eech you for this take but this one confideration futth er, and if you ~ill but vvork1 it upon your hearts I hope you may find a great deal of power in i r. You find afflictions, and your hearts are troubled and murmur, confider hovv Gods mercies do aggravate his fin> thus: in the midll of our lins ~ve· do make account God J.h\)u!d accept of our fervices, do but conf'Kier thus, if in the mtdH of our many fins we hope thlt God will accept of our poor fervices,vvhy rben J.ho:.1ld not we in the midll of our atfli&ions blefs God for his many mercies? Shall God be thus gratious to us that noonvithtbnding our many fins, yet be will not cafl away our poor duties and fervices .·that we perform, then vvby lhollld not ~vein the midt1: of ollr fufferings ~ccept of what m~rcies we have, and not £1 ight them and dlfregard them ! if tho:.1 in ~he m~dfl of Gods mercies fhaJr, not beY'jilling to bca[ afflietions that God laies upon thee, then it were jull with God that in the midft of thy fins he fuould not regard :my of thy dutier; no\V is tklere not as much porver in thy ma· nifotdJins to caufe God ro rejeCt thy ducjes a1.1d fenices;astbere is '}()Wer in atflietions in the midfl ofmany mercies to take off thy heart from being affeeted with Gods mercies ? And , tbats the firH aggravation of the fin ofmurm11ring, To murmut in the midft of mercies• . A fecond A~~U.Yatiolil ef the ~n of murmur~ng' is, wrn~ 'Wt . • FIINYII'JHr