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___The Jt.ttrt Jt~tel of CfrijliAn Contenrment. 1~5 ~ I ... meet with never fuch affiietions and crofte~,and unkind dealings ftom men, yet fiill they thould go on wit!\ hearts qaieted and comforted in the \York that God bath fet them about, and labOf to countenail all their Affl ithons by being more abundant in the work of the Lord. That is the fidl text of Scripture that thews how the Mercies we enjoy are Ag~ravations to the fi11 of murmuring. And then afecond Scripture is in the fecond of Job 1 e . verfe, A fpeech of Job to his rvie, wbat, faith Job,when his wife would have had 'lnm cur re God and dye ? ( thH was a degree beyond murmur!ng) why faith he, rbot~[pt.t~e(/ AJ one 4 rh~ fooLijh --wo'llltn, {hAll we receive goBd at the h.~nJ. ef God and n~ '"il? yon fee J ob did help bimfdf agaio!l: all murmuring thoughts againH the waies of God with this conlideration that he had received fo much good from the Lord ; what thou.gb Ne receive evil, yet do not we receive good as well as evil/ let . vs fet one againfi the--other, thats the way we thould ge. In the 7. of Ecclefiafle~1the 14, verfe, you have a notable Scripture there whereby you may fee, ~hat courre is to be taken when the heart tifes in murmuring, I, tht day of pro{perity be jiJyful.', L·,u in the d.cy of lAtl'CI_trfity confider, vvbat friould they confider? (mark what follows God a/fo h.ctb {et the one over Ag.-inft the ~her, to the end tb4t ,an jlJ:t/1 fo."d nothing after him. God alfQ bath fet the one over againft the other, thacs thus, When thou art in profperity, then indeed every man can be joy full ; but what if ~ffh&ions befals hitn YYhn then? then Confider: Confider YYhat? That God bath fet one over again{hhe other, thou ha!l a great deal of affiietion, and thou haft lnd a :reat deal ofprofperity, thou haft many ttoubles, and thou hail had many mercies, make one column af mercies,and one column of affliCtions, and write one again!l the other, and fee if God bath not filled one column as full as the other; you look altogether upon your affiitl:ions, but look upon your mercies alfo; for inftance, itmay be God hath affliCted yo.uin one ch'ild, but be bath' been mercifull to y{)u in an other child, fet one againfl the other; God afftieted Dnid in Abfalom, but be was mercifull to D.tVid Y ~ in