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--------- ------- ---- ~- -~--- i sS Th~ Rare J(llel of Chrij1i4n Contentment; tin O-f murmuring, it istoo-mtt~h for any -~ne to murmur tlpon he heaviell cwfs that can befal one in this wodd,but upen feme fmall things to be difc;ontem and murmur, that's fVorfe. I have read of_one that when he lay upon a heap of damask Rofe!, he c?mplamed,there was one of the Rofe Leaves lay double under hm~ : So lfe are-ready thus for very fmall things to make complamts and be difcontented yyjth our condition. An~ thats the Sec-ond Aggrnation. A T!Jird Aggravation is this, F •r mtn that Arl of ps~rts Anti. ,..hifitits, to whom God httth givm wi(dor~~,for thtm to bt Jifcon- .Unt 4nd mnr11n~r, tb~tts mort th4n i( et hers -do it• . Murmuring and difcontentednefs is too much in the weakc:ll, yet we can ·bear 'IVith it fom~times in Children aud Women that are weak· but for thofe that are men, ml!:n of undedbnding, that have \Vif: · dom, that God imploys in publick fetvice, that they tbould be difcontent with every thing} his is an e-xceeding !;teat evil; fot men in their families to whom God bath 'ivc:q parts and wifdom Nhen things fall outamifs there, to be ahvaies murmuring and repining, their fin is greater than for f'/omen and children to do it. A Fourth AggravAtion is, Tht &onfldtrAtjon of tht rrrunt(s ef ~u G~ds Mer&its to u1. What ever we have it is offrc:e-coll, what though we have not all we would have, feeing what we have is free; If vvhat we have vvere earned, then it were famewhat, but when we confider that all is from God, for us to murmur at his difpenfations, i~ ·very cviJ. Suppofe a man were in a family emertained,by a fric:nd,and he .!id not pay for his board but he bath it given him for nothing, it's expetted fuch a one 010uld not be ready to find fault with every thing in the houfe, with fervants, or wvith meat ac table, or the like ; if fuch a one that bath plentyful provifion, and all-given h~m gratis, and paies nothing for his diet, thould be dif~onte~ted tf aCup thou!~ not be filled for him as he would have tt,or 1f he tl1ould llay ammute ofan houre longer for a thing than he would, this we wonld account a great evil: So it is with us, we are at Gods T_able every day, and it is upon free coil whatever we have, It 1s accounJc:d very unmannerly for aman at his friends table to find fau!t with things, though at ho!le he may be bo!d ·: New when we arc