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The ran Jewd of chriftiafl Contentment. 16 I Certainly thon never kneNefi what it Was to be humbled for thy manifold fins , that arc difcontemed at the admini£hation of God towards thee, Tt-e eight Aggravation of the fin of murmuring, For rh r; f{ mm tb~t 11.re of little ufe in the world, fur .them to be Difcontented? if you have but abeaff that you make much of, you wiH feed it wel ;but if you have but little ufe of him, then ycu turn hi:n into the commons, little provifton ferves his turn, hecaufe you make not nfe of him : if Ne liv'd fo asto be exceeding ufefu11 to God and his Church, we mighr expect that god would be pi eafed to come in, in fame encouraging way to us, bu t whe:~ our confciences tell us, we live and do but little fervice for gor:i, what if god fMuld turn us upon the commom, yet we are fed according to our work, according to our imployment ; Why fuoold any creature be ferviceable to thee, who art fo little fe rviceable to god ? tllis one medication would much help us, tG thi nk, 1 am difconteot becaufc fucb and fuch Creatures ue not ferviceabl e to me, but why fhould I expect that they ihould be ferviceable to me, when I am not ferviceabie to god ! And tbats ~he EightAggravation: A ninth ~ggravation of the fin of murmuring is this, Fer 111 to bt dif contcnt at that tim~ when Gad ts to hmnb!e us. it thould be the care of a Chriflian, to obferv.e what are gods waies towards him, what is god about to do vvith me at ...th1s time f is God about to raife me, to comfort me? le me clofe with gods goodnefs~and blefs his name, let me joyn with the YYork of god.t w'h~n he offers mercy to me, to take the mercies he offers. Bu~ -again,)s God about to humble me? is god about to break my heart, and to bring my heart down to him? let me joyn with god in this work of his, this is for a Chriflian · to walk with god jt is [aid that Enoch, and Noaf, I'll a! ked with God ; walked with God, whats that? That is to obferve what is the work of god ·that god is now about, and to joyn wjthgod in that work of hi:.-, fo that according as God t urns this way or that w ~ y, the heart !l1ould tmn with god, and have futable NO> ki ngs unto the workings of god towards him. Now then, 1 am difcor tented and .tnurmm becaufe Jam afflicted; Therefore thou art affl1cted beZ ca~ffi