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-i ~ih~;:;j-;;;T~JC/;-;ijiT:;;;comentmenr:- 7 becaufe Gpd vvoutd humble thee, and the great defign that God Hath in. afflittiog of th~e, i~, to b:e~k a~d humble thy heart ; And wile cbou now mamtam a fpmt gmteoppofite to the Work flf God; for thee to marmur and be difcontented, is to refill the work .t~ f God ;GC'd is doing thee good, if thou couldell fee it,. r.ow 1f he be plea fed to fanttifie thy affliction,to break that bard heart of thine, and humble that proud fpirit of thine, it would be. the grearelt mercy that ever thou hadfi in all thy life ; Now Wilt thou yet O:and out againfl God ; its even as ifthou fhoul - delt fay, Well, the Lord is about to break me, and humble me, Dut he !hall net ; this is the Language of thy murmuring- and thy difcontentednefs, tbcugh thou dareil not fay fo, but though thou faieft not fo in words. yet it is certainly the Language of the temper of thy fpirit: Oh? confider what an aggravation this is; I am difcontenced vvhen God is about to work f~Ach a work upon me as is exceedingly for my good, but yet I fiand out a~ gainfi him and refifl: him. Thats the Ninth Aggravation. Tbe tenth Aggravation of the fin of mmmurirg and difc.ontent is this, The r»ore palpAble and remArk_11ble the h11nd of God 11ppt11r1 t9 bring a~out an ajf!ietion,the greater is the (in of "!urm~ring and difcontent under an 4fliction. Its a great evil at any time to murmur and be difcontent, but though it be a fin , when r fee but an ordinary providence working for me, not to fubmit to that, but when I fee an extraordinary providence war king, thars a greater fin , that is, When I _f~e. the Lord in feme remarkable way working about fuc.b an affh6t10n; beyond what any could have lhought of, thaii I refi!t fucb a remarkable hand of God ; lhaH I Rand out aga'infi God when I fee God exprefs his wil in fuch a remarkable manner that he would have me to be in fuch a condition; indeed before we fee the will of God apparent we may defire to avoid an affli~ion, a~d ~ay ufe . means for it, but now, when we f~e ~od exprelling hts W1II from Heaven in a manner beyond ordmane, and mor_e rem~rkable, then certainly it is fit for us to fall down and_ fubmtt to htm, ~nd not to oppofe ; when God comes with a.m1ghty ltream aga1_nll: u~, it!! mu befi way to fall down ~efore _htm and not fo to r~ftft; fOr as tis an awument of a mans dJfobedienceJ when there JS not • - · enly