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-~Th~ -·Ra;-;y~;;[-ifch~ftian ·cont;une~~.- I-6 3 on1ya command again!t a fin, but w~hen God <reveal bfScom ~ mand in a terrible \Vay, the more folemn the command of god _is, the greater is the fin ion breaking that Command; fo the more ·remarkable the hand of god is in bringing an affliction upon us, the greater is the fin for us to murmur and be difcontented. Then god expeets that we lhould fall do'Nn vvhen he ( as it were) fpeaks from Heaven to thee by name, and faith, Welt I will have this fpir it of thine d01vn, do not you fee that my hand is flretched out, my eys ate upon you ; my thoughts are upon you, and I mufl: have that proud fpirit of tbme dmvn; Oh then its fit for the ereature to yield and fubmit unto him. When you fpeak in an ordinary manner to· your fervants, or Children you e.xpe6\: they Lhould reeard what you fay, but Nhen you make them Hand !hll by you and fpeak to them in a more fol emn way, then if they thould dif-regard what you fay, you are very impati~nt ; Lo certainly God cannot take it YYell when ever he doth appear from Heaven in fuch a remarkable vvay to bring an affiittion, if then we do not fubrnic to him. A Eleventh Aggravation of the fin of murmuring is this T• be di{conte!J( ed thur:tgh god luah bee» exercijing of HJ long smder 4flmioR ,yet ft ill to remain difcontented. For a man or woman at firfr when an affJietion befals them to have a murmuring heart, then its an evil; but to have amurmuring heart when God hatlt been a long time exercifing them wirh afflietions, its more evil. Though an Heifer at firfl: when the yoke is pLlt upon him he wrigles up and down and will not be quiet, but if after many months or yeers it lhall not draw quietly, the · Husbandman would rather feed and fat and prepare it for the Butcher than be trouble~ any longer with it • So tbo.ugh tbc L0rd was content to pafs by that difcomented fpirit of thine at firll, yet God having a long time kept the yoke upon th~e,thou hall been under his affliCting band (it may be) divers yeers; and yet thou remain di[content tlill; it were ju!t with God that he thould bear thy murmuring no longer, and that thy difconrent under thcafflietion lhould be but a preparation to thy deflruction, S11 you fee when a man or woman bath been long exercifed with tflictions and yet are difcontented, thats an aggravation of the Z. 1. fin: . I'