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'the Rart Jerrel of . ChrijiiAn Contentment. 16, f~ you, Will you be thus difquiet till God comes again to you ? your difquiet drives ~im fro!D you , and you can ·nevet e~pe6t God's commg to mamfe£1 hunidf c9mfortably to your Souls, till you have gotten your heartS quiet under your afAieti0nS :and therefore here you fee how cro!ly you rea[on; you reaftm,-lam difqliiet becaufe God is ~one, when ·th.e truth i!, God is gone becaufe tboa art dtfqmet ; reafon but the other way, Oh my difquiet ha.th driven G~d from me, and therefore as ever I would haV'e the prefence of God to come again to me, let my heart be quiet under the hand of God. . · Thirdly, Doe£1 thou find God departing from thee in thine affitetion? Wilt tbou therefore depart from G,.d too ? Is this thy help ? Can£1 thvu help thy feli that war '! Becaufe God is gone, wilt thou .go tco ? DJ I indeed feel God departing from me? It may be it is fa, it may be God for thy trial is departed a little from thee, and is it fo indeed ~ What unwife courfe do I take ? I commit further fin and fo I go further off from God, what a cafe am I in ? God roes from me, and I from God : if the child fees the mother going from it, it's not for the child to fay ,my mother is gone yonder,& I wil go rhe orher way; no, but the child goes crying after the Mother ; and fo lhould the Soul fay, I fee the Lord is withdrawing his. prefence front me, and noN it is befiJor me to make after the Lord. with all my might; and Jam fore this murmuring humor )S' not a m~­ king ~fter God, but by this I go further and further off from · God, and what a ditlance is there like to be benveen God and me within a little while! Thefe are fome of the R(afoninfls and P/(as of a murmuril'lg and difcontented heart. There are<'>many others that we th~ll meet withal, and endeavor to fpeak to your heart! in them, that fo this tough humor of difcontent may (as it were) be cut with the Word and foftened with the Word , that fo it may pafs a~vay : for ·that's the way. of Phyfi- .e tians when they meet with a Body that bath any tough h:1mor, then they ,give that that hath a piercing quality ; ~hen there is a tm~gh humor that £tops the water that it cannot pafs, ,they giv~ that that bath a piercing quality' that may make ·p Jf2ge for 1t; and fo thou haft need of Juch thing~ tbat are piercing ~() make IV ay throusb this tpugh humor that is in the Spirits of ·/ A a mell