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•' 170 Th~ Rllre J~f?!el of · chrifti~n Conte!lt~ent~ -- men and women whereby they come ~o Hve ve;y uncomfor~Oiy to tl'lemfelves and others, and very dil11onorably unto God. SE RM 0 N X. af Stepney. Sept.2 I. 1645•. P HI L' 4• I I. . - For I hKV~ /(armd in whatfo~TJer fta:~ I Am; there~ith tl be content. NOw there are ·many PleAS and Reajonings yet remain, for there's a great deal of do with a difcontented murmuring hearr.And I remember I find that the fame Helmw word chat fignifies[to l~dg,tB abid6,]it fignifies to Murmur, they ufe one 1vord for both, for murmuring is a di!lemper that COtb lodg in men, \V here it gets in once, it lodgeth, abidech,and continueth,aod therefore that we may unl_odg it and get it out,we willlabor to tlleW what are the further Reafonings of a d!fcon-: ted hem. · · ) The Fourt9 P L E A. . Methin~s I could be crnmnt with Gods h.cnd {faith one ) ' fo CAr Its I fee the hand of God in 1t thing I can be cant ent: but .'IJhm wun Je11l fo Nnrea{unAblJ.. 11nd_ unjuf/ly lll'ith me , I k._now n&t hr11'# to btAr th~t ; I t-'n beAr it th~t I fhou/d bt in Godi hands • ,but mt in the b~t~:~dJ of r»en;my friends or ilcqH~tintAnct wbtn they "tle~tl{o ~nrigbt~ouflJ with me, 0~ this gen vtry hard unto"''' th1t I k._no~ not how to bear it from men. For the taking away of this Reafoning, FirA, Though they he men thac bring thi~ crofs upon you , yet they are God's Inftruments , ,God hath a han~ jn jr, an~ !bey can go no 'furtbher . · - tan