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The r~rt Jtwd of chriJfiA11 Contentment. 3 tHr {elvu?:. {or..}·S~~i~ meaning therefore - mufi~e, Hind a rufficieRcy of fHisfachon m my owne heart, throu-gh. the grace ofChrifi tpat is in me; tbough I have not outward comforts~ worldIf accomtfl6dat~ohs to f~pply my, neceffities~~ :jet i enjoy portion ~no~gh bet"lxt ChuH and my own foul abundantly to {atisfie tpe in e.'ery condition..And this interpretation isfuitable to that place,Pro. 14. I .f. Ag~otl "'"'! is{.ttjJ.jita from hiwfelf, and ~gt'eeable to 9Vhac he ver1fies of b1mfelf 10 another _pla.ce ; thal though be h~d rmhing,_yet he pof!ef!eJ all thingJ ;-.becaufe he had right to the covenant.and promife wh~ch vertual1y contains all, and an intereH in Cbri(t toe fountain and good of all, and having that, no matvel be faitb that in whatfoever fiate he "a~ jn, he was conte(\t. Thus you,have_ ~he ge~uine interpretation :f>fthe Text. I (hall no_t m~ke any dmftOnJ.of the words,becaufe I' ul(~ tpem orl'f to pto(~cu~e th~t ~n·~ dt~ty 11;1o£l neceffary,vi.;,. Th~ quieti~g u1d co~~or~ipg th~ hc;1r.ts ?f.G.o~! people un~er the troubles and chaAges they. meet wltball, m heart thaking ·rimes, And the Doarinal conclqfi9n is in briefthir. Dotl_. 1 hlft ta be :"'.ell.sk_ii' 1 i"'._fhe .my]te~y •f C brij/i4n C 1•- untmtnt isthe Duty,~lqry, and "f-~:ctl/eHcie ef 11 C~ri{litt•• Thj(f,:vang~ic~l t~u~h is qeld f~rth fuffi~i,e~tly in Scri_pture: yet take qne·ot_ t\'IO Flar~lel :place$ more ~or the 'confirma.tiop of . ir. I Tit1f. 6. 6, ~d S. you have l:>oth th.cr duty exprefi, and the tlory the.reof: Having fa9a "!'d raiwent (fauh verf, 8.) ltt 11s the,-e11ith be content,there ~~ t!i~ .dl:_l_ty; BHt god/inefs 'llith Co!r' -~mtwunt_ isgr.eat g~ti~,; Ter~~' ~. ~~ere~~ the glory,and exccdl~ncy ofit: as_1f go,dlinefs~_ were ~%Hm-.exc~P.t th~re_ were Contentm~nt Wlthaii. Thehke exh?rratwn ypu havetn•Heb•. I 3·5· Let your c9rJVerjtttion be "¥Jitbi};Jt Covetoufnep, 11n4. be content '11itb (ucb thin~s as J~U h4ve. I do not find any Apo(Ue or Writer of Scriprurtrreat fo much of ibe fpiritual myllery of Contentmen& ~s this our Apoftle hath done throi:lghoat his Epiflles. · For the deer.opening and proving of this £m&ical conclulion, I fhall indeavour to demonfirate thefe four things. · Firfi, the nature of this Chrifiian Contentment, 1 what it is. '~econdly, the Art and Myflery of it. .. . c ~ · Th~rdlr