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2 7 bt ra.re Jaul of cbriftian Co_ntcmmcm _ --..::......:~- Thefr words ar~ _bro~ghc in by PANI~ as a plain ar~ument to perfwad~ the PhiiippiaHs tha·t he d1d · no~ feek after great tbing~ in t-~- w~!d, a~1d that he fought nee theirs,_ hut them: He d1d not pafs fo'r- a great e!hte; he had better thmgs ·to take l:lf' his heart IVithal. I do not fpeak(faith he') in refped- of want (F1r )YYhetber I have or have not, my heart is fully fatisfied i. have enough; I bATH !eflrMd in wbatfonm {fate I ~111, ther~­ "¥Pitb 11/le c~ntent • . r have !earnefl.) C9ntentinent.m f!Jvery condition is a or eat Art, a fp.::cial Myiterie;· I~ is to be learned and fo to be le:roed as aMyHeriet··'Aud tber.efore verf, u. he affirms:, I k_now ho;:; to be iib-lljed 11nd 1 lzno._-p how ta ~tb ound, ewry where and in 111J things l11m infiruC!(d : The word M&p.J11p.~ which is tr ;t nflacea -[ln{iructd] is derived-frs_>m that word p.t~>1lecoy, wh ich fignifies Myjlery; at=Jd it is as much as if he had faid, I have learned the myflery of this bafine fs. Contentment ·is- t:o be learned as (a!gte·at inyfferJe;ancfthofe tbafare thiOughly tr~ioed up in that art have learned a deep Myftery; The which is as S11mp[o11s riddle to a natural man,[! have harnd it.]1tis not no1v to learn; neit~er ha~ lit at fir.H 1 I ~ave ac,taiDed it though with much ado, and gol\r -by the &race ofGod I am become maHer:ofthis Art. In whAt{6(ver /1Ai~ 1 am]Tbe \V.ord [State] ~ not in the Original, but,-r., •1~ li1.<t, In wh11t 1 "' ', that is, in whatf@ever concerns or befals me~ wbecher I have little or nothine at all. Thermith t.~ he content ,ttrhtlrx.n),;,cu ]The word which we render C6~t-en.t. her_e,~atb iJ? t~eqrigipal much -~le_gan~y and _fulnes o£ G.gndicatton mH.In l!ntlnefs of phrafe It IS on! y attnbuted unto God,_who bath (tiled himfelf God A l/llfficimt, as refiing wholly fatislied in and with himfelf alone ;. but he, is pleafed freely to communicate of his fulnefs to the .creature, fa tnat from God in Chrifi theSaints receive f!.~e for gr~tc(,'fu b. I. I 6. In fo much that there is in them u1 aoflverableoefs of the fame grace in their proportion 'that is in Chrift. And in this fence . P11.u/ faith I have a Se!f-Suffi.citncy, as t~e word notes. But hatb P~tul a felffufficieacy you will fay? How are wee fufficient ofour fdves ?·Our Apoftle affirms in anodier cafe, Th~t l'lllrQ nqt {uffi,itnt ofMr {ehm 10 thin~ llrJJ thing 111 of fHr