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The ,rare 1ew_el of cbriftia» ·Contentment. · 1 7. 7 perilh evetlaflingly, a~d therefOle be not troubled at -thy me:~n condition• .Secondly, Though thou ball , but a xpean caJiing in this world, and fo art not . r-egarded as a man of ufe in the world, yet if tbou· beefl a Cbrifiian ; God bath called thee to a higher calling .; thy general calling it is a high calling , though tby particular calling be out low and mean : And for that you have a place in the Chapter before my Text, Phi/. 3· -14./ Prefs to - rMr~s the mark.. (faith the Apofile) f~r .the ;rice of tbt High .calling ef God in Chrift je[flls : So that every Chrillia[.') bath an high calling of God in Chrifl Jefus, God bath called him to the highefl thing that he bath called any creature to that he bath made, rhe Angels in Heaven have not an higher calling than thou haft. Thou that perhaps fpendefl thy time in a poor buliners , in the meane!1 calling, if tho:.t beefl a dung-raker, to rake channel s or to cleanfe places of filth or any other thing in the world that is the meanefl that can be conceived of, thy general calling as _aChrifiian doth advance thee higher than any particular calling can advane!! any man in the world : others indeed that are called t9 manage the Affairs of tbe State, they are in a high Calling , or Minifiers they are in a high Calling, but thine in forne refpecbs higher. · A poor fervanc that mu A: be fcraping all day about poor, mean things, many times may have fuch a temptation as this is , Oh what a poor condition bath God di.fpofed me to ! Will God have regard to fach an one that is in '" fuch a poor low place as I am ? Oh yes, .ChriA: bath regard to the meaneR: Member ; as aman bath as true regard to the Toe if it be in pain , and will tender that as truly and verily as a·ny 9ther member ; fo Chrifi bath regard to his Iowefl and meaneft ones. Thirdly, Thou art in a high calling, though thy ontvvard calling be low in refpe6\: of men , yet in refpe& of God thou art in .the fame calling with the Angels of Heaven, and in fome degree called to that that is higher, for the Scripture faith that the Angels come to underfiand th~ Myllery of the Gorpel by the Church ; thou that art a Ghrillian in that general 'caUing of thine, thou art joyned with Principalities and Powers and with Angels ,. in the .greatell work that God bath called any Bb crea-