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178 Thr RAre Jr,tl of chrijlian Contenimenr. creature to, and therefore let that comfort thee ia this. Fourthly, Thy calling is low and mean , yet be not diCcontented with that, for thou hall a principle within thee (if thou beell a godly man or woman) of Grace that\doth raife thy lof'lell aCtions to be higher in GJd's elleem, than all the brave gl~rious aCl:!ons that are done· in the world ; the principle of Faith cloth It, for ~ny man m woman to go on in obedien~e to God in a way of F.tith in a calling that God bath fet them, (I fay doing this through a principle of Faith ) it cloth taife thig atlion, and make it a more glorious aCtion than all the - glorious V18:ories of Alexander and Ctt[a~' , than all their Tri· umphs and glorious pomp th H they had in all .their conquellS', it was, not fo glorious as for thee to do .the loYVe{l aCtion out · of Faith. Or, as Ll1ther fpeaksof a poor Milk-maid, and yet being a believer, and cloth it in Faith , he compar~es that action to all the glorious aCtions of C tt[ar , and makes that a gre~t de-tl more ,eminent and glorious in the eyes of: God, therefore Faith raifes thy 1vorks that are but mean, raifes them to be very glorious. - . Yea , And the truth is, There is more obedience to fub111ft to God in a loiv calling , than to fubmit to him in a higher calling; for it is clear ob_edi!nce , meer obedience that makes thee go on in a loiV callmg; but there may be mu~h felf love that makes men go on in a higher calling, for there's Riches, Credit, and account in the world, aud rewards comes in by thctt, which 9oth not in the otaer : to go on quietly in a low calling is more obedience to God. . fifthly, Kno\V further in the Iatl place, There is like to be more reward : For the Lord when he comes to reward he doth nor come to examine what the work bath been that men and women have been e,.ercifed in , but wh.1t their faithfulnefs bath been wdl dont g~Fod and faithful Str'lh'tnt, faith the Lord, he d~th not fay, weU done good fetvant for thou halt been fai~hful to me in publike works, ruling Cities and States, and Affairs in Kingoom!, and therefore thou {halt be teYVarded, No, _ but _, W1ll don~ g(}od and f~tithf~Jl Ser'!lttm, n.aw t~ou mayell be fa;thf:Jl in little as vvell as others are m more,by gomg·oo a~d working thy d~ys Iabor, when t.bou gettefi but a couple of ~lll- . hngg