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1 £0- · 7 be rare Jewel of Cprifti4n Contentment. xnow w bat thy conditiory ·lbali be on the morrow ., than for thee to have a more fetled condition in refpe6l: of the comforts of the creature; do bLlt remember thatwe fpake of before, that Chrift doth not teach you to pray, Lord,:gi-v..e.me enough that vvill fen•e me for two ~r thr~e ye....ars, but,thiJ day oP~r dayly btMd;-to teach us we mul.l hve upon God in a dependant condiclon every day for dayly bread. Here was the dJfference that is obfervable between the Land of C.rnaan and Egypt, the Land of Can!fan that depended upon God for the watering of it I'Yith lbowers from Heaven, but Egypt had a-con{bnt way of warring the Country , that did not fo much depend upon Heaven for water, but upon the River Nybu, ~;hich did at fome certain time overflow the Country : and they knowing that the watering of their Country did depend upon that River, and notupon Hea- /ven they grew more proud : ar.d therefore th~ S·criprure to exprefs Pharao-h' J pride, brings him in faying,The River is mine: he could order the River as he pleafed,for it was his:C.tnao~~n,which was a Country which.was to depend upon God, though they hari rain at one time, yet ther knew not whether they lboulr:l have le at another time, and lived always in adependance upon God not knowing what (hould become of them : Now God thought thi) to be a better Land for his people than Egypt, and thi! is given as one reafon a~ong others for it, becaufe che Lord lookt upon this as more futable to the Hue of his pe0ple tlrac were to live.by faith, t(}be continually.depending upon Heaverr, up- . on Him(elf, and not to have a conflant fetled vvay in the creature,for their outvvard dependance.And we find it by experience that when tbofe that are godly live in the greate{l dependance opon God,and have nQ fetled com~ngs- in from the ~~earure;they do exercifc Faith more , and are m a better condttton for thetr Souls than before. Oh ! many times it falls out tbtt the worfe thy outward el.late is, the better thy ~oul is , an~ the b~trer thy outi'Vard el.late is, the Y¥orle thy Soults.VV'e·read JR E:{..ra, 4~ I 3. the objeCtion thatrhe_enemies had again!l'the people of Ifrae/J buildir1g of the l't'al! of th~ City ;, th.eif writing to ArtAxerxts againl.l them, faith, Be it ~norm tmto the King, thAt if 'th'e City be. huilded, ~tnd thnMls (et Hp 11gain, then theJ ·will not pt~~y toll, trib,_te, & c.Hjl~m : lf.TJd(q thOH jh11/t end~m~gnbt revtmu of .the . ~~