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The rare Jewel ofCbriflian COntentment. - I 8'1 KJngs. If the wall be built (fay they) then they vvill refufe_to pay toll, tribute, and cultom to the King : that is thas, fo Jong.as they five in fuch a condition , where they have depen- ·dance wholly upon tl:ie King , and He at the Kings mercy , that is, theyare in·no City that bath walls built, but the King may come upon them when he will-, fo long they will pay cuHom ' to the Kil.:}g, but if once they come to bUild a wall, and can defend ~hemfelves, and have nonheir dependance upon the King as before , then they will d~ny paying tolf, tribute, and cufl:om. ·so it is·thus for all the world betvveen God and mens Sou ls, -when aSoul lives in a way of meer dependance uptm God, that fenfibly be fees (J()d bath him jlt advantage every moinei1t, Oh t,hen fv.ch a S~ul will pay toll and cultom, ·th.u Soul exercifes Faith, and beg's evety day his dayly bread; but if-God hedges 'that man about with an eltate, with profperity, perhaps he bath an inheritance, befallen him , perhaps he bath -a confiant Office that brings in fo much yearly eo him duly paid, this man is not fo fenfible n~w of his dependance upon <:Jod ·, he begins now to pay lefs toll and cufl:og1 to God than before , God bath lefs fervice from this man now than before. God fees it better for his people to live iA adepending condition : we are ve, JY lo~tb in refpetl: of God to be dependant ; we would be all lhdependants this way, we would be of OJr felves, and bav~ no dependance upon the Lord, bo,t Gvd fees it better for us to ·Jjye in a depending condition. Further, This may be thy comfort', th')ugh fo-e outvvard things thou art mightily unfetled ·, yet for the gre.lt things of thy.Soul aod .eternal eflate·, there thou art fetled , there thou hafiafetled way~ and a conllantwayof fetchingfupply, Ofhi5 fu lne[s 'lit receive grace for grllct, thou haft there 'abundance of treafure eo go to , and feteh all that thou fl:ande!t' in need ' or and obferve it that novv thy condition is more fetled in the Co-: venantofgrace than it was in the Covenant of works; in the Covenant of works there Godgave man a'Hock to trade witH, but he put·it in his own hand ' fo that he. might trade and get or lofe ; but now in the Covenant of Grace God makes fpre, the flock is kept in the hand of Chrill , and 1ve muft go ro him f•l t fupply continually, for Chrifl keeps the !lock ; p:!rhaps we ·