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8 Tbe rare Jewel of Chri~ia~ Comemmenr. cordiog to expecta tion, when the tyde of fecond caufes runs fO Jow that_ IV~ fee little !eft in the OUtward m~ans tO bear Ut> our hopes ana ttem.;. 1 hat then rhe heart hegms to reafon as he in th e Ki ngs, If the Lord flm~id open the l f indow 1{ He {!Vfn bowJhou/d this be I Never confiderirg that God ca n Of!en the eyes 0f theblind with d ayand fpittle, he can wo rk above, beyond, nay cont!'ary to means; he often makes the fajreil Rower~ of mans endeavours o wither, and bri ngs improbable things ~o pa fs, thaqhe glory of enterpr izes may be given to bimfeH. Nay if his pe@p!e (•md in need of miracles to work their de!iveranGe, miracles fall asea.fily out ofGodshands, as.to give his people daily bread. Gods bleffing is many times fecret apon his fervants that they kno1v not whtch way it comes; as l Kingi , 3. I 7. re fl,a i/ not fa wind,ntitbtr {h11J! ye {tt rflin, ;m the va//e_v fh~/1 be fi lled with water. God would · h:lve us depend on him though 1ve do not fee me.1ns how the thing tbould be brought to pal~,elfe we doe not fuew a quiet fpirit; though an affiietion he upon tbee, let not thy heart fink under it. So far as t ~y ,heart finks and thou art difcouraged under thy affiicl:ion,fo much tl\ou ' WAntefl of this leffon of Contentment. 7.To finfu! fh-iftings and fhirkJngs out fgr e;t[eAnd ht0,,Aswe fee in Sfltll turning to t!ie 1vitch ofEndor, and his offering facrifice befDre Samuel <:3me: Nay the good King Jeho/h.11p hat joyns himfelfi'Yith Ah~C:dllh 2 Cbron. 20. tilt . And A{11 gm t o Benhad.td King ~1 Aj]yria for bdp, not rt l}ing ftJ pon the Lord( 1. Chr. I 6. 7. 8. ) Though the Lord had delivered the Eth iopi~ at:l Army int•O his hands , cCllnfift ing of a thou[and thoufaAd, 2 Chron, 14. I 1. And good Jacob joyned in a lye w~ th his mother to IfaAC,he was no< content to l-la'fGods time, and ufe Gotl s means,but made too great haH and ltept out of his way, to procure the ble!ftng wh ich God intended for him : as many do through the corruption of their hearts and weakne!s of their fai th 1 'becau.fe they are not able to trufl _God and f01low him full y in a!I things always ; and for ..tbts caufe the Lord often follows the Saints with many fore temporal croffes, (as we fee in Jac ob ) th-ough they obt ai n the mer·cy. It may be thy wr etched carnal heart thinks , I care not how I be deli- . vercd