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,,The rare Jtwel ~~ Chri;1ian Contentment. 7 oHght to be "qHiet and do nothing ra(hly. 4 To rmfaledmfs and unfixednep of fpirit, 'Whereby the heArt _ is ~a~en elf from the prefent duty that GoJ r,·qRirn in OliT feve._ r.tl relations; both toward, God, ~Hr {elvn, and olhers. We fh0uld prize duty at a higher rate than to be t4ken of by every trivial occafion ; a ChriHia-n indeed v~lues· every fervice of God fo much,that though fome may l?e m the eye of the world and ofn~tur3l reafon, a flight em pry 'bufinttfs, beggeriy mdiment5,foolifunes,yet feeing God calls for it,the authority of the command cloth fo over-a1v.e his heart, that he is willing to fpend himfelf and to be fpent in the difcharge of it. It is an expreffi.- on of L11thers, ordinary works that are done in faith, and from faith are more precious than Heaven and e~rth. Acd if rhis be Co, and aChriflian know it~ it is not a little matter that tbould divert him : but he fhould anfwer every avocation, and refill every temptal'Wn,n NehemiAh d1d cbap.6.J,Sanbd~Jt, G6jhem ~tnd To~iAh ('IVhen tbey IVould have hindred rhe buitdi-Rg..of the wall}with this, 1 am J~ing a greatwJr~ (faith he) fo th~tl cannot cpmt dow», r~hy jhonld the rnr~ of the Lord. cettf~?. 5. To diftr~ttfing heart;.e~ting cares and fean.A gracious heart fo eflimates it's union with Chrift and the work that God fets it about as it IVill not willingly fllffer any thing to come imo choak it, or dead it. A ChriHian is delirous that th.e Word of God thou.ld takefuch full poffe!fton as ro devide betweene foul and fpirit, but he would not fufter the feare and noife ofevil tid ngs to take f~ch impreffion in his foul,as to make a-diviffioa ani !l:~ugling t~ere like the c.vin~ in Rebeck._4'h.f ~vomb. Agreac m1 IVtll perm1t common people to fland 1V1thout his doors, but he will not let them come in aod make a noife in his clofet or bedchamber, when he purpofely retires himfelffrom aU worldly imployments, So a well te~pered fpirit though it maye inquire after things abroad withont doors in the world,and fu ffer fome ordinary cares and f<Zars to break,-into the fuburbs ~f the foul, fo as to have a light touch upon tbe thoughts: Yet It Will FlOC UJ?Ol1 any terms admit ofan introfion into the privy chamber, wh1ch tbould be wholly referved for Jefus Chrill as his inward Temple, 6. TD fh/(Jng difcolmtgtmt'fltJ, \Vben things fall not out accot- . . , ding