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to Tbt r1.re Jtwel ofCbri;1i'an Contentment. quiet. Thirdly it is a quie-t Framt of Spi,rit.- [Fr~me] by that I mean thefe Three things: There are Three things confiderable when 1 fay,Contentment cc;mfifis in the quiet frtrm of · tbe Spirit of a man. FirH, 7 h,;tt it is a gr.tee that fprtads it [elf through the whale Son/: as thus, It is in the Judgment, that is, the judgement of the foul of a man or woman tends to quiet the heart; In my judgment I am fatisfied,that is one tbirg to be fatisfied in ones underfianding and Judgement, as thus, This is th~ hand of / God; and this is that that i~ futable to my condition, or bell for me; alchough I do not fee the the reafon of the thing,yet I am fatisfied in my judgment about it. ,., And then, It is in the thoHghts ofaman or woman : As my jud8ment is fatisfied fo my thoughts are kept in order. ' And then it comes to the will; My will yei!ds and [Hl1mit1 to it, my affections are all !ilzewife k..ept jn order, [9 that it goes throHgb the whole foul, There is in fome a partial Contentment, and fo ,tis not the frame of the foul, but fome part of the foul f)ath fome Contentment; as thus many a man may'be fatisfied in his judgment abotu any rhing,and yet cannot for his life rule his affeCtions, nor his thoughts, nor the vvill, though the jndgment be fatisfied : I make no queflion but many of you may know this by your o1vn experience, if you do but obferv~ , the · workings of your own hearts. Cannot you fay when fuch an affi i6lion befalls you , I can blefs God I am fatisfied in my judgement· abon~ it, I have nothing in the world to fay in refpect of my judgement againfl it, I fee the hand of God aod I fuould be content, yea I am' fatisfied in my judgment, that my condition is a good condition in which I am; but I cannot for my life rule my thoughts, my will, and rpy affe6l:ions,methinks I feel my heart heavy, and fad, and troubled more than it iliould be, and yet my judgment is fatisfied.This feem'd eo be the cafe of Davsd, P/al. 41. Oh my[o11l "RhJ ~trt thou d1J,jairttd? David as far as his judgment vvenr, · there was a c ntentednefs,that is,His judgment w~s fatisfied in / the workofG\·d upon him; and he was troubled,but be kneiV not wher~Fore,O my foul why ~m th~u thus ca{t down within me? That Pfalm is a very g<>od Pfalm for thore that feel a fretting, difcontented