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-The rare Jewel of Cbrijfilln Comemmel~r. I 3 long, but that hoids that cloth come from the gracious temper of the Spir.it, It is from the frame and che difpofition of the fpirit of ·a man or woman. There's the true Contentment. But this we {hall fpeak to further in the opening of the My/fer} of Conttntmmt• . The Third thing is this, It -it the frame gf ~?irit that fhms the habftu4lne[t of this grace of C ~ntentrnent, Contentment is not meerly one aet, aSalh in a good mood7you !hall have many men and women, that take them in fome good mo0d and they will be very quiet; bur tbis will not hold, this is not a con- - Rant way, there is noc a confl:ant tenour of their fpirits to be holy and gracious under affii61:ion: But I fay, It is the quiet frame of fpirir, b,- that I mean, The habitual difpofi.tien of tbeir - Souls, that it is not only at this time, and the other tinTe when you take men and-women in a good mood: bnt it is the con· funt tenour and temper of the heart ; that is aCbrillian that · bath learned this leffon of Contentment, that in the conllant tenour and temper ofheart is contented,and can carry its felf quietly in a conflant way, or elfe it is worth nothing; f-or there is no body that i-s fo furious in their difcontent, but will be quiet in fom,e good mood or other. Now Firll it is a heart-bLI- · .finefs; Secondly,it istbe heart-quiet; and then Thirdly, it is : the frame Gf the heart. · · But Fourthly, It iJ the [fr-tcious] fntme ·of the h-eart. Irideed ' in Conten~ment ~he r e i~ a compofition of all graces;Ifthe contentment be Spiritual, if it be truly .Chriflian, there is I fay a compofi tion of all Spiritual graces; As it is in fome·Oyls,there · is a compofit ion of a great many very precious Ililgredients: fo , in this grace of Contentment which we lhall yet further Ipeak of in the op~ning of the excellency of it. But now the gracious : frame of Spirit it in oppofition to Three things? : I. Firft, in oppofition to the r~atural fti!nefJ th.tt thert is in JH4n-, mm and women. There are. fame of fuch a natural conftitution that makes them te> be more fl:i!I and more guiet -than other!: orhers are of a violent and · hot conllitution, and they . are more impatient than others. . 'l. Secondly, l1: oppa fit ion to 4 jhird y r~fr;lution. As fome men ~rough the flrength of fome Qutdy refol~1tion; they have not ~ -- -- - ·- · ·- ·· - --- fee~e~ ~