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14 The rare Jewel o/Chri~ian Contentment. feemed to be troubled, let come what will ccme: and fo it may be through a fiurd-y l·efolu tion at fome times they are not fo much di!quieted as others are. . · Thirdly, In way of.diflinilion, from the very flrmtth of reafan (though not fan6hfied).t/;e (lrmgth of natural reAfon may quiu the heart in fome mea[11re,But now I fa.y ,A gracious frame of fpi,rit is not ameer fiilnefs of body through a natural confiitution & temper, nor fl:urdinefs of refolution, nor meerly through the {hength of reafon. You will fay, wherein is'this gracioufnefsofContentment diltinguifbt from all thefe?More of this will be fpoken to whe,n we lhevv the myfiery of ir, and the leffot:Js that are learned, but now we may fpeak a little by ~ray of c4ifiin&ion here ; as now, From the natural flilnefs ofmens fpiritS'; many men and womeR have fuch a natural ltilnefs offpirit and confiitution of body, that ypu lhall find them feldome difquieted; But now mark thefe kir.1d of people that are fo, they Iikewife are very dull, of a dull fpipt ie any good thing, they have no quicknefs, nor livelinefs of Spirit in that whicfu is good; but noiV mark where Contentment of heart is gracioas, the heart is very quick and lively in the fervice of God, yea the more any gracious heart can brir,g its felf to be in a contented difpofition, Oh the more fit it is for any fervice of God, and is very a&iv:e and IiTely in Gods fervice, not dull in the fervice ofGod:And as a Contented heart is very a&ive and fiirring in the work of God, fo he is very a&ive and fiirring in fan8ifying Gods Name in the affi :&ion that doth befall him: The difference will appear very deer thus, One that is of a fiill difp()htion, be is l10t disquieted indeed as others, neither hath be any a~ivenefs of fpirit in fanttifying tbe Name of God in the afflictior:l: but now one that is content in a gtacious way as he is not difq:.lieted, but keeps his heart quiet in refpetl: to vexing and trouhle, fo on the other fide he is not dull nor heal'y - but i~ very a6bve to fan&ifie Gods Name in the affii&ion that is upon hull, for it is not enough meerly not to murmur, not to be difcontented and troubled, but you mLilt be a&ive in the {an&if'ying Gods Name in the affliction. And indee~ thi5 will diHinvuifu it from the other, from a tlurdy refolut10n, I o I will