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7 he rare Jrwe l of cbri1 1ian Co:1r.emment 21 J. Firl1. that Conr_entmem is a heart work within the foul· 2. Secondly, :"It)s1fi'e quieting of th~, heart. 3. :Thi dly it is t-be frame of the Cf'irit; 4- Fourthly, · It is .a gr~dou fmJ;1 e, 5. Fifrhfy, 1 c is the free working of this gracioL_lS fr~m·e.6. S\x t· ~. Jy, There is in it a fubmiffion to Godj fending ' the f(lUl uner God. 7· Sevenrhly, There is a taking compla~eacy_in the haodotjJod;-s:r"Eightly, All to GGds difpo(e. 9. Ninthly, ln 91ery condition, every condition though never fo bard, tt).Oogh 1t continue never fo long: Now thofe of you that have lea rned to be content, have teamed to attain unto thefe feverall thi ng~ ; the very opening of.chefe things I hope may fo far work upon your hearts as, Firfi, That yon may lay your hands~ pon your hearts upon this that bath been faid, the very telling of you what the ldfon is I fay may caufe you to lay your bandi upon your hearts, and fay, Lord I fee there is more m Chril1ian Con.. tentaton than I rhcmgbc there was, and I havebee n far from learning this leffon, I indeed have learned but my A B C in tbis Ie{fon of Contentment, I am but in the lower forme in Chrifls fchool if I am in it all ; but thefe we thall fpeak to more afterward ; but the fpecial thing I aim'd at in the opening of this poipt7 is to t1JeW bow great a Mifiery ther~ is in Chri£lian Contentment-; and how many feveral leffons are to be learned that vve may come to attain to tbis Heavenly difpoftt-ion, that, Saint Paul did attain to. t SERMON