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SE R M Q N If• .r:Stepney. Aug. l· 16-f>• PH I L' 4• 11, For I hAvt lt~rnetll~t •h•tfotvtr ./IA:t I .,., tlurt11itb tl bu~nttnt · • EE have made entr:~nce(you may remember) into the a-rgument of Chrij1i11n Conttntllmat. And haTe opened the wordt, and thewed you "bat th.is-.CfuiftianContentation is; that is,the inward, .. quiet, gracio~s frame or Spirit, freely fubmittin' to, and taking Complacency in Gods difpofe in eYery corrdition. And therein came to this la!l thing [In tvery Co,Jiti~~a] Now we lball a little inlarge th~t, and fo proceed• ., SMb~nitt~ u God;,. TJhAtt•er Ajfiitlion bt/11l/11u : for tht k._lntl. ! :1 For the ;(,,Anti continN~tnct •f tht Aff!Ut;,,. , 3· FQr tbt 'IIAritt) A1Jd ch.mgts of 4/f/Wi~, : Let them be "hac they will, yc..t there mufi be a fubmitting to Gods difpofe in every condition. · Fitfi fot the kind;Many men and ."om~n ."ill in the generall fay, that they muft fubmit to God m affi1ehon; I fuppofe now if,y:ou lhould .cQme from one end of this_ Congre~ation to another, and fpeak to CYery foul tbus;"ould not y~u fubmit to Gods difpofe, in whatever condition h~ thould dlfpofe of you to ; you will fay, God forbid it theuld be otherwife, ,but we ufe to fay,There i.s A l"tllt dt~l 11f Je'lit in gt~t~r~l.s. _In g~neral yon would fubmit to-~ny tlung: but \Vhat 1f 1t be m th1s and that particular that i!, moll crof' tol you. Thea any thin; bur that : vve are ufuaUy ~pt to think that any conditi~n is-better than