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2 8 Tbe rare fewel of C hriftian Contentment. fage : Mark, here lies the M yftery of it, A Iitle in the World will Content a ChriHian fm his paffage, but all the world and ten thoufand times more, Nlll not Content a Cbri(iian for his Portion! Now acarnal beart will be Content with ~h.efe things ofthe.world for his portion; and there is the dlfference between a Carnal heart aAd a gracious hea~t·: But faith agracious heart, Lord do wich me what thou wile for my patfage through this world, I will be content ·with that , but I ~an not be content wi th all the wor Jr1 tor my portion ; fo there IS the myftery of true Contentation. A contented man though he be mo!t contented with the Ieall (hings in t~e world; yet he is the moft un[atisfied man that lives in the world. That Soul that is capable ofGod, can be filled with nothing elfe but God .; nothing but God can fill a foul that is capable ofGod : though a gracious heart knmvs tbat it is capable of God, and was made f0r God; Carnal hearts think of no reference to God ~ut a gracious heart being inlarged to be capable of God, and mjoying fomewhac of him, no thing in the world can fill a gracious hea rr, it mutt be only God himfelf; and therefore you iball obferve, That let God give what be ~v i \( to a graciou~ heart, a heart that is godly , ~xcept he gi v€s himfelf,rit will not do; a godly hear t will not only have the mercy,but the God of tbac mercy, as ~ell as its felf, and then a little matter s enough in the world, fo be it he bath the God of that mercy he cloth enjoy; In Phi/. 4· 7 ·9· I !hall need go no fun her .to lhew a notable Scripture for this, Compare verr. 7· with verf.9. And the peace ef God ~hich pajfeth ~tll underftanding /hall ~eep y~ur hearts and minds throagh Jefus Chrift. The peace of God thall keep your heart. Then in verfe 9. Thofe thingJ , which you have both learned and recei7Hd, and heard,flnd fun in me, do; ~tnd the God of peace foa/1 be with you, The p111c_e .of God {ball ~np you & the God ofpeace fha!i be with you. This IS tha~ that J would obferve from this Text, 'That the peace of God 1S not enough to a gracious beart,exceptit may have the God of that peace, A carnal beau could be fatisfied if he might but have outward peace, though it be not the peace of God ; peace in the State and his trading would fatisfie bim:but mark how a godly heart goes beyQnd a carnal, all outward peace is bot enough, but l rpufl have .- the