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The ;~re JewefoJ chrli1-ian Conten_unenr.~ - 29 . ' :.~ . . the peac;e ofGO.d" :-13U.t fupP,ore you have ihe pea·c~ o(God,wi1 . no.t that 9~!e~ Yo«.? ~o, r,mu£1 nave ~h~ GGd of ~eace;auhe . -peace of ~od,fQ ~h.eGod of £e:Jce,that IS ,I muH ~_n;oy tha~God ttiat. oives me tbe pea(:e;I .rpuH have the ca.ufe as wet! as the affeCt;'P I n1ul1: fee from whence ~y peace comes, ·ai-id enjoy the ·· fountain of my peace,as well as the fl:ream e of my peace;&. fo in o_ther m~rcies, have I health from God? I mufl have theGoci of my hc:al,th to be my portion, or elfel am n_ot fati,sfied,.It is not . ltfe , puHhe ·god of my life;1t .is not riches, but tbe god ofthofe riche~ that I _mufl: have, tlie God of my prefervation;'as well as · my t:Jrefervation;a gracious heart io; not fatisfied without this;to have the God .of the mercy as well as the mercy,InP fal. 73. 2 5. rphom bd7,JC I in H eP~ven but Thee, and there is none upQn the Eanh that I de ]ire ~elides dud t is ,nothjng in Heaven or. Earth, can fatisfy me, bqt thy felf; if God_ give thee not only Earth hut Heaven that thou D10uldeft rule over Snn, Moon and Stars;and have the rule over tbe highefl: of t~1e (ons of men, it" I'Vould n-ot be enough to fatisfie tbee,except thou h~dft God bimf'elf;there lies the firfl: myfl:ery of Content:nent; and truly a contented man, though he be the mo.fi contented man;in the vvorld, yet h.e is the mofl unfatisfied man in tbe wqrld, that is, ThQfe things that will fatisfie the world, Nill not fatisfie him. Secondly, There i~ this Myflety in Cbrifiian Contentation•. A ChrifliaiJ c9mes to Contentment, 1:10t {o m~tch by ·way of ~ddition,~.r by w:ry of S~tbftr4Won,t'nat is .his tvay of Contentment, an$i that is a vv~y that the world bath no skjl in. I open it thus,. Not fQ. much by tbe adding to what he would h:tve, or tp what he barb not by adding more .to his condition, but rather by fubfiratling of his del1res,and fo te make bis de fires and condition to be even and equal. A carnal heart .knows_no way ~o be Contented but this,I have fuch and fuch an e11ate, and ifi haa this ad~ed to itM and the other comfort added that novv I have not, · then I tbould be contented? it may be I have lofl: my ·Efiate,if . I could have but that giverrto me, fo as to make up my Iofs then r: tboald be a contented tnan: But now Contentment dot~ not come in thanvay, it comes not in I fay by t_he adding to what thou wante.{l, bot by the fubflratting of thy delires; it is all Ol.lle to a Cbrifl:ian either that I may get' up unto what I would