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3S The rare Jewe! ofChriftian toncentment. -oy'Beleev:rs,tlut th~y are joyned to_ the Lord, and are one fpim. that J!, look vvnat Gods Wlll1s, I do not only fee reafon _ro fubmit to ir, but Gods Will is my Will, When the Soul can make over(as it were}its will to God, It mufl needs then have Contentment. Others would fain get the thing they do defire, .0 .! but f.tith a graciou~ heart, that that God would have I woul-d bav.etoo;Iwill not onely yield to it,but_l! wou!d .haYe . it too ; ·A gracious heart bath learn'd this art, Not only ro make the commanding \Vill of God to be its own will, that is, What God commands me to do, I ~vill do it; but to make the .Providential will of God, and the Operative will of God to be _his will alfo : Gcd commands this thing, w!Jich perhaps you that are Chriflians m,ty have fume sktl in, but whatfoever God works, yon mufl wil as well as what God commands,yoti mufi make Gods Providential will, and his Operative .WilJ, as well your will as .GQds Will, and fo you m·ull come to Contentment: He~e a Chrifiian makes over his will to God,and in making over his Will to God, he hath no otherwillbut.only Gods : As fuppofe a man makes over his Debt to another man, if that man that I o~e the Debt to, be fatisfied and contented, I a:n fatisfied, becaufe I have made it over to him, and I need not be di[contented and fay,My Debt is not paid,and I am not fatisfi~d; Yes,you are f;ttisfied,for be that you made over your Debt to, he is fatisfied. Jti!l_ thu-s it is for all the world between Go<fand a Chriflian, a Chri(Han"s heart makes over his will to ' God; now then, if Gods wil1 b~ fatisfied, then I am fatisfied, forJ have then no will of my owoe, it ii melced into the Will of God.; for [o that is tbe excellency of Grace, Grace doth not ~nly fubject the will to God, but it doth mete the Will into Gods will, fo that they are now but one vviU; what a fweet f.atisfatlion mull the foul have then in this con-dition, when all is made over to God :_You vvi11 f1y, This is bard.l will exprefs it - ~ J.ictle more: A graciou~ heart mufl: needs have fati5faetion this way, becaufe godlinefs doth teach him this, To fee that his good is more in·God, than in himfelf; the good of my life, and comforts, and my happinefs, and my glory,and my Riches is more in God than it is in my felf; -(that perhaps we may fpeak to fur the~, when <we.,ome to the Leffons that are to be learned)