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7 he rare fewrl of Chri~'fian Contemmcnr. 3 ?._ ~ ---------------------------------------~ learned) B.1t upon this it is, thlt a gracious heart hatll Contentment, he cloth melt his-NiH into gods, for faith he, if god have glory, I have glory. Gods glory is· my glory, and there.. fore Gods will is mine, if God have riches, then I have riches, if God be magnified, then I am mlgnified, if God be fHisfied, then I am fat1sfied>Gods wifdome and holicefs is,mine,& therfore his NJ!J m aft needs be n:ine,and my will mLJ l1 needs be his; here is the art of aChrifti:u~ sConte r. tmenr , he melts his will in- - to tbe Nill ofGod, and mahes over his will to God, 0 Lord, th~u jhalt chufe our inf..e-ritaMe fc, r UJ P:ai, 7 j. The Seventh thing in tne Art of Contentment is thi~, Ti;t Myftery conjifts not fo m11ch by bringing .t~y thing witbo~~t; to m11/ze my condition more ccmfortllll-le, as to !urgt. out fmmhing_ that is witkin. The men of the world noiV, when ~ they wcnlCI haveContemment,and want any thing,Oh they mufi bave femewhat from without to content them; but faith a g~dlyman, l'tt me get fomething out that is in already ,and then I lhall come·to Conrentment; As fuppofe aman hath an agui{h homer that makd his drink.taft bitter, now fa ith he, You mult put forn-e Sugar into my arink,and his wife puts jn f0me,..and· yet the drink ta!ls bitter, why ? becaure the bict_err.ers comes from a bitter chol!erick humor Within? bnt let the Pbyfititm come and give him a bitter potion t? purge out the bitrernefs that is witnin,.and then he can oft hi3 drink well enough: Juft thus it is with the men oft he wocld; Oh fuch a condition is bitter, - and if I could have fuch and fuch a mercy added to ~his mercy, thw it wouW be fwreet; now if God ibould put·t fpoonful or tw.o of S~gar i:1, it ~vould be bitter fhll. But the way to Contentment is to Furge ont thy lulls and bitter humors. Jam. 4· 1. Frem whena .tre wars, and ftrif(s, are . they mt fr:omyour lu/h rh;<t ttre within you ? They are not fo much from ~hings without but from within ; as fometimes I have [aid; It 1$ not all the florms that are abroad that can make an earth· quake, bat the vapors thlt are get 1vithin :. and fo if thofe lulls that are within in thy heart, if they were g0t out, thy condition would be a contented conditioi1. Thefe are the myflerious waies of Godlinefs, that the men of the world never th~o kof, When didfi thou evet think of fuch a way . as t~is. i~, for.