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40 The rar'e Je~el ofChri{li~n Contentment. or to g.o ~nd purge out the diflempers of thy heart that are W·ithia: Here are Seven particula~:; now named} t'here were a ~reat many more that I had thought of. And now without tbe nnderfiandingofthefethings,and the praltice of them, yoll will never come_to a ~me Contenta~i~n i~ your vvay, Oh y0u Wl!l_be bunglers m_ this tra~e of Chntbatmy_; btit the-right per- . cemng of there thmgs~ Wlll help-you to be 1nlhufled in it as in ~ Myftery· · · s R RM0 M nr. ill Stepney. Ang.ro. I-645. PHIL' i· I I. \ F.or I h1111e /'tllrnfJ. in ~llatfower jilf:e 1 AtH, th!rewlth -to &t ~ontent TH. E My~ery ofcontentment will app_ear yet.further. A gracious heart get-s Contentment m ;a mylletiou-s , way,a way that rhe world is nO.t acguainted wit&. Eighcly,_ He livts upon th~ qm of Gods ble.ffi11g: It's the fimilitude ot one AdrianJHn!us _fettmg out a ~ontente_d man by a.GrAjhop;er leaping 2.~ sk1ppmg up and dowJ>that hves upon the ae'N and he hath thlS mottO,/ Am C01'ittnt_wttb 'lfhat J hAve, and hope for better. A Gtafuopper doth not hYe upon the grafs .as other things do~ you cannot know what it feeds uporjl, other things though as little_ as Grall1opp~rs, yet feed upoc feeds or little Aies,and fuch rhmgs,bnt the Gtafhopper, yon know not w .bat it feeds npon, So a,chriftian can get food that tli~ vvodd knovvs