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neererto God by what I enjoy;it's more a great deal then if i have it without any fa~;cbfying my heart by it; there's a fecret . de_w that goes along w.th it; there's the dew of Gods love in it., azid the dew of [ar&Jfication• . 3• 1 ,gr,;ciouJ he.1rt wh,;t he hath,he hath-it upon.fra coft,he u not h~: to be c.liled to pay for what he hat h : The difference benveen what a Godly man hath,and a wicked man,is in this: ~ G~dl y man is as a child in an Inn;an In-,keeper hth his child m hts.houfe,and the father provides his dyet, and lodging, and .what IS fit for hin.1; Now there comes a £hanger, and the £1ra.nger bath Dinner and Sllpper provided, and lodging, but tha !hanger muH pay for all ; it may be the childs fare is meaner 1 than the fare of the ftranger, the tlcanger bath boy led, ar.d roH, and bak'd ; but he mutt pay for it, there mufl come a recko- ' · ning for it. Jufl thus it is, many of Gods people have but mean fare ; but God as a father p_rovides it, and it is on free cofl,and they ~ufl: not pay for what they have,it is paid for befo-re;btlt the \V1cked in all their pomp, and pride,and bravery,they have what they call for ,but there mufl: come a rec_koning for aii,they mufl pay for all in the conclufion : And i~ it not better to have a little upon free cell, than to come to have all to pay for ? Grace cloth thew a man that \Vnat he ha.th, he hath it on' free co!t, from God as from a-father, and therefore mufl: needs be ..,ery fweet. Fourthly, A Godly (,nan ma:y,_very yve11 be content, though be hath but little,For what he ha~'b ·iJe hath it by right of Je/Hs C hrift, by tht-;~r"hafe ef Je{HJ Chrifl;he· bath a righ_t to tt, another manner of right to what he bath, than any wtcked man can have to what he bath • a wicked man bath there outward thin~s: I do not fay they are ufurpers of what they have, .but they have a right to it, and that before G0d, Buthovv ? It JS a right by meer.donation, that i~, God by his free b_9unty doth ~ive it to them ; but the_ right .that the Saints have, it is a right Cil( purchafe, it is paid for, and it is their o1vn, and thei may in ~holy manner, and holy way, challenge whatfoever .they have :need of. We cannot exprefs the right of a holy man, the diffe- , rence between his right, and the' right of the wicked more fu!IY ~han by th~s nmilitudc;A ;t.,1alefa6t~r that js condemned to d1e, · yet